Updated international standards for information and electrical equipment

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When it comes to the Internet communications and electrical equipment industry, there are a large number of subcategories that are included in it. If we consider this category of human activity from the point of view of documentation of regulatory support, then it should be noted that the selection of documents depends on the location where the activity is carried out, as well as on the scale of the organization, which is dominant for the processes being carried out. If we are talking about an organization that operates on the market of the European Union, or has a more global scale, it is necessary to have international standards in place that clearly prescribe the norms and requirements of the standardization institute, and also guarantee the minimization of possible risks in the implementation of activities. It is very important to follow the updating of international standards, because the world does not stand still and constant innovative development dictates its own rules. Today, we will introduce you to the latest international standards for equipment used in the communications and electrical equipment industry.

Open Data Communication in Building Automation, Controls and Building Management - Control Network Protocol - Part 8: Communication using Broadband over Power Line Networks - with internet protocols

EN 14908-8: 2021

Information technologies are actively being introduced into every sphere of human activity, and when it comes to construction activities and engineering, this category of human activity implies the exchange of information, which requires a clear nomenclature and regulation. One of the international standards implementing the formation of Internet protocols is EN 14908-8: 2021.

This document specifies a communication protocol for networked control systems. The protocol provides peer-to-peer communication for networked control using web-services. This document describes services in layer 1 and layer 2.

The layer 1 (physical layer) specification describes the MAC sub-layer interface to the physical layer. The layer 2 (data link layer), as described in EN 14908 1, is integrated in UDP / IP communication using IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.

When acquiring an international standard for all information technologies, it should be understood that this category of human activity, like no other, has one of the small numbers of technical parameters that need to be checked against the annotation to each document.

Open Data Communication in Building Automation, Controls and Building Management - Control Network Protocol - Part 9: Wireless Communication in ISM bands

EN 14908-9: 2021

Information management, as well as structuring the information technology system is a huge complex work, which implies the use of a large number of human resources, as well as regulatory documents to legitimize the activities carried out and also create a solid base for the security of data exchange. One of the most relevant international standards for communication technology today is EN 14908-9: 2021.

This document specifies an adaptation layer for the control network protocol (CNP), as described in EN 14908 1 to utilize wireless communication network. This document defines the services of the wireless communication provided to CNP layer for delivering data and commands towards and from sensors, actuators, etc. which are wirelessly connected as part of the EN 14908 1 network.

In addition, this document defines the requirements for the radio communication applicable for CNP layer operation.

For the radio communication different frequency bands can be utilized. Annex A defines requirement for operation in different frequency bands.

The specification of this international standard is that its recommendations are mainly applicable to radio technologies, as well as equipment used in this branch of human activity. That is why if the above technologies are actively used in business activities, this international standard is a mandatory norm and not a recommendation.

Heat exchangers - Hydronic room fan coil units - Test procedures for establishing the performance

EN 1397: 2021

International technological standards are being actively created for electrical systems and are expanding the number of subcategories every day. Nevertheless, standardization concerns not only innovative processes, but also mechanical, hydromechanical, and other types of equipment, in which electronic elements are combined with mechanical processes. When it comes to certain heaters, or rather their use in premises, the norms and requirements prescribed in such an international standard as EN 1397: 2021 come into force.

This European Standard applies to hydronic fan coil units (FCU) as factory-made single assemblies which provide the functions of cooling and/or heating but do not include the source of cooling or heating. The standard covers both air free delivery and air ducted units with a maximum external static pressure due to duct resistance of 120 Pa max.

The standard applies to all types of fan speed control of a fan coil unit (variable speed, multispeed). This standard deals with the cooling and heating functions of the FCU considered as an emitter for cooling/heating of a room/space. It does not cover any ventilation function of the unit.

If the FCU can also provide fresh air, this function is not considered and the fresh air inlet closed during testing.

This European Standard provides a method for the determination of the thermal performance of fan coil units in standard conditions, for the use with hot or chilled water or water mixtures. The test procedures given in this standard may additionally be used for determining performance at other conditions.

It also provides the method for the determination of the air flow rate supplied by the fan coil unit.

The standard does not cover the rating of heating or cooling from direct expansion coils or heating from electric resistance elements. The standard does not cover acoustic performance of fan coil units which is dealt with in EN 16583.

It is not the purpose of this standard to specify the tests used for production or field testing.

NOTE   For the purpose of remaining clauses, the term “unit” is used to mean “fan coil unit” as defined in 3.1.

A feature of this international standard is that it has a certain number of amendments, giving an understanding of what equipment it cannot be applied to, and not only will be useless, but may cause some damage to your activities. That is why we strongly recommend, in case of error, to get advice from our specialist, who will provide you with qualified assistance and select the international standard that will increase the productivity of the activities carried out specifically by your organization.

New technologies - new standards

When choosing an international standard, you should pay attention not only to the technical characteristics and their coincidence with the requirements of your production, but also to the location and scope of this or that international document. Some International Standards are tailored specifically for more local national levels, while other International Standards may have requirements that can be applied more globally. The wrong selection of the document can significantly affect the quality, speed and financial indicators of the development of your company on one scale or another, which is why professional consultation with a specialist in the field of selection of international standards will significantly save you from making the mistake of acquiring the wrong document and will allow you to use the opportunity in the best possible way. introduction of such significant regulatory legal acts as international standards. Stay with our team and rest assured that your organization will always be at the forefront of your industry.

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