Is there any disadvantage to purchasing an adopted standard?

While can’t speak to your particular circumstance generally no. You get the same standard at a cheaper price!

Do these standards differ from originals?

We provide licenses to standards documents adopted by Slovenian Institute for Standardization (SIST). These are exactly the same as original works but are preceded by cover pages acknowledging their adoption. For instance, the international standard document ISO 8601:2013 is adopted by European Committee for Standardization (CEN) as the European Standard document EN ISO 3166-1:2014 and subsequently adopted by SIST as Slovenian Standard document SIST EN ISO 8601-1:2014.

Can I print documents I’ve purchased?

Yes, the intended recipient for which a license has been granted may print documents for their personal use. No other persons may print, receive, inspect, duplicate, or otherwise consume printed material. 

Can I put purchased documents on network, wiki, or other share?

Documents are licensed to individuals and must not be made accessible to any person who the license was not purchased for (including the purchaser). This would preclude posting the documents in any manner that would allow distribution. This includes but not exclusively public or private network shares, wikis, FTP, messaging services, etc.

Can I share the documents I purchase?

A license grants 1 persons exclusive access to purchased document in perpetuity. Licenses are not transferable. If for instance you have team of five individuals that need access to a document then five licenses must be purchased, one for each member. If a new team member is added regardless of the departure of any existing member a new license must be acquired for that individual. If you know you will need multiple licenses, consider purchasing several at one time as we offer volume discounts. See: Do you offer discounts?

Do you offer discounts?

iTeh Standards already offers substantial discounts in most cases in comparison to original publishing organizations. Furthermore, we offer volume discounts for buying multiple licenses. Simply multiply the price of the publication according to the relevant discount.

  • 2-3 licenses - 15% discount
  • 4-5 licenses - 30% discount
  • 6-10 licenses - 50% discount
  • more than 10 licenses - 60% discount
How will access to documents purchased be granted?

All purchased documents can be accessed via your account online on My Orders page.

Do I need to be resident or in any way affiliated with Slovenia to legally use these standards?

No all documents can be licensed to individuals of any country or region as long they are permitted by SIST and original publishing organizations.