International regulation of fire protection equipment
Dec 9, 2020
Technologies for saving lives are developing every day, but more significant attention is paid to technologies that are aimed at preventing possible risks threatening human health. Some of the most popular are fire protection technologies. Since this problem is global and no organization or human life is 100% insured against it, an increasing number of international standards that solve this problem are created every day. Today we will introduce you to the most requested documents in this industry.
International standardization for the safe use of electrical equipment
Dec 24, 2020
Raising the issue of safety, it is necessary to understand that the correct formation of the technological base of production or the organization that is in contact with human labor is a very important aspect. Since in the 21st century the use of various technologies is gaining momentum and a huge number of automated processes are being introduced, therefore the use of electrical devices is responsible for the quality and consistency of the functioning of this system. In connection with the globalization of markets and the active exchange of technologies between countries, there is a need to create a regulatory system that is uniform for all countries, and international standards are just such an act. Today we will tell you about some of the key documents in the field of cable regulation and also tell you which of the standards may be useful for which type of organization.
Medicine as one of the main subjects of international regulation in the modern world
Dec 24, 2020
Medicine has always taken a leading position when it comes to creating regulatory documents. Since in the last year a lot of events have happened in this industry, therefore, a large number of detailed documents have been created to regulate the equipment used in it. Asking the question of COVID-2019, it should be noted that more preference and the need to combat this ailment was given to ventilation and oxygen equipment. That is why, in 2020, an even larger number of international standards have emerged that regulate this subcategory, with which we will introduce you today.
 International regulation of IT technologies in various spheres of human activity through international standardization
Jan 8, 2021
Despite the proliferation of wireless technologies and the constant movement towards innovative development, the transmission of electricity and power by wire is still widely used today. Since this category of technologies is the most global one, a single scientific and technological base is created for the entire system and is the same for all countries of the world to create clear instructions for use, implementation, and troubleshooting. In order for the use of the above technologies to be carried out in the safest way and also to bring the most productive results from their operation, it is necessary to follow the rules and regulations prescribed in international standards. Since cables and the accompanying equipment are used in every area of ​​human activity, we recommend that you be aware of the international regulations that govern them.
Electricity, transmission technologies and international regulation of the entire system
Jan 14, 2021
With the development of technologies, the number of materials and methods of their application is increasing, such industries as energy are developing, which are directly related to electricity and its use, optimization of processes and increasing the productivity of activities carried out. Despite the fact that the emphasis of modern innovations is on transmitting information and, if possible, other elements over long distances with minimal use of additional devices, in this case we are talking about wires and their use, in everyday life it is impossible to underestimate their role. That is why international standards regulating their production and operation are still among the most in demand. Today we will acquaint you with the latest updates in the field of international standardization, namely with documents that may be useful to you in building a clear scientific technological base and a safely functioning system.
International standards for medical devices
Jan 14, 2021
Human health is precisely the very aspect that cannot be predicted and it is impossible to give an accurate assessment of the development of events. As the last year has shown, the field of medicine has a huge impact not only on the framework in which it functions, but also on the functioning of any other world system, both economic and financial. Due to the fact that every day today more and more industries and businesses appear in this industry, then the number of regulatory documents regulating this activity is also increasing. Below we will provide you with a list of the most relevant international standards for the use and manufacture of medical devices today. We hope that this information will be the beginning of a new stage in the development of your organization.
Healthcare technologies in the 21 century
Jan 22, 2021
Technological development in every area of people’s lives significantly increases its pace. More than that overwhelming majority of organizations and companies tend to invest in investigations and own laboratories. The general characteristic of the innovation market can be described as a word diverse, but at the same time the diversity of technologies needs to be strongly regulated. As far as medical sector has widen the boundaries of emergency and development of innovation inside this specific field, the demand for international regulatory documents has increased. Today we will familiarize you with the latest updates in the international standardization sphere for medical industry.
Standardization of electrical equipment and related appliances
Apr 11, 2021
The technical characteristics of the equipment and their accompanying devices have a large number of features that can affect the final result when creating a well-functioning system. One of the options for regulating international interactions of companies and at the same time maintaining the quality bar in global interaction is the introduction of international standards in the activities of companies and organizations. When it comes to electricity and the technological features of the implementation of related technologies, it is necessary to take into account both aspects influencing from the outside and small details that affect the construction of the structure from the inside. International standards have been created to regulate application, implementation and innovative improvements. Today we will introduce you to the main ones for industries in which parts such as cables are used.
Workplace air security  on the international level
May 20, 2021
The workplace and the atmosphere in it have a significant impact on the perception of the work process by staff. When it comes to office work, light, temperature and other basic physical factors are considered in the key of safety. One of the most basic is air. Air quality regulation in factories or office workplaces is carried out by standardization institutes. Sometimes standardization is carried out locally, but in most cases the trend is towards strengthening global processes. If the production also implies the presence of harmful substances and gases, then adherence to the safety standards prescribed in international standards is an urgent requirement for each subject of activity. Today, one of the most accurate and relevant methods of following the rules for the use of gas equipment, regulating the level of harmful substances in the air as well as its quality in the workplace are ISO international standards.
Manufacturing process regulated by ISO standards
May 20, 2021
Manufacturers of various types of products have recently given preference to the introduction of automation processes. On the one hand, the establishment of technical issues may imply minimal risks of physical impact on a person, but on the other hand, these processes today are not completely autonomous and one way or another require human intervention. In this case, the question arises of compliance not only with the step-by-step requirements for the introduction of innovations, but also with the safety of human labor. In order for modern production to focus not only on financial but also on physical risks, and all processes occur harmoniously, safety requirements have been created, prescribed in international standards. The presence of these standards can not only help you in building a secure system, but also in significantly accelerating the achievement of the most productive results with minimal investment in this type of international documents.
Transport systems and their security standardization
May 20, 2021
Transport systems are undergoing more and more innovative adaptations and the introduction of new technologies. Artificial intelligence is gaining popularity and significantly increasing the profit from its use. Automation of previously invented processes can be a significant leap forward for any company. Nevertheless, it must be understood that changing any existing system implies the presence of an appropriate list of regulatory legal acts and documents. Since the issue of technology is still more associated with the global level, the regulation of these processes, including in the field of transport systems, is carried out by international standards, with the main of which we will introduce you today.
Security measures and international ISO standards
May 20, 2021
Transportation systems are among the most used systems globally. The human need to move from place to place led to the emergence of an entire industry, and as a result, the indirect industries associated with it. Today, the regulation of transport systems at the international level is carried out by many authorities, since we are talking about human safety. Moreover, a huge part of the world market of services and goods is occupied by activities directly related to transport and its maintenance. More and more companies are emerging and creating an increased level of supply. In this case, the need to regulate safety and quality issues at the international level increases significantly. Today, such documents as international standards are responsible for this issue. Today we will introduce you to the basic rules and recommendations of international standardization institutions in the transport systems industry.
Welding processes with ISO standards
May 27, 2021
The welding method for processing metals was invented a long time ago. It would seem that the availability of laser technologies will replace the above-mentioned method; nevertheless, it is popular today. Welding and related equipment undergoes a certain number of transformations and adaptations to the requirements of modern technological features. Due to the development of each industry, an increasing number of international standards are being created that regulate not only the process of creating equipment, but also the system of its application at each of the types of industries and organizations. If your field of activity involves the use of welding processes, we strongly recommend that you pay attention to the following international standards.
Standardization for mechanical properties and industrial materials
May 31, 2021
The international market for goods and services is subject to regulation by many institutions and organizations.  Some companies focus on international development, while others pay more attention to local rules and regulations.  This difference in adherence to international rules is primarily due to the specification of the activities of a particular organization or business, as well as the scale.  Today, one of the most universal documents regulating both the activities of small businesses and corporations are international ISO standards.  The presence of these documents can not only structure existing processes, but also help to reach new levels much faster.  Today we will introduce you to some of the most recent and relevant industrial materials standards.
Language resource management and international standards
Jun 6, 2021
Due to the development of the exchange of technologies and goods, such activities as translation and interaction in different languages ​​have become common concepts. The world is accelerating the pace of development every day. Markets and corporations of different countries are subject to mergers. Nevertheless, in all these processes, it is very important to understand the importance of correct translation, especially in industrial and information technology. That is why international standards are being created to regulate these processes at the international level, with the main of which we will acquaint you.
International standards for specialized equipment
Jun 10, 2021
Today, the key to the success of the development of any business organization, and even more so for a corporation, is the construction of a clear and structured system in which each link will interact smoothly with another, thereby creating a high-quality final product or service. Despite the fact that technologies are developing at an accelerated pace and are being actively implemented in almost all spheres of human activity, security issues are becoming more and more relevant every day. Since the world is globalizing and any organization is forced to adapt to the rules of the world market in order to develop and scale, international legal documents are being created that regulate the interaction of companies, and also create a unified system that functions without interruption. In the event that you want to take a leading position in the industry to which your company or organization belongs, we recommend that you pay attention to the latest international standards regulating security measures.
Metallic elements standardization
Jun 13, 2021
The emergence of international standards was marked by the introduction of quality and control in absolutely every category of production. Despite the fact that the first standards were only global and described in general terms certain areas of human activity, today this type of regulatory legal acts describes processes, test methods, safety recommendations, as well as the so-called instructions and recommendations for methods of using and processing certain materials in production. Today, with the active development of technology, such an element as metal is used everywhere. That is why, to regulate the use of metal and products including it, a very large number of international documents are being created that regulate both general processes and individual stages of production. If your field of activity comes into contact with the use of this material, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the latest innovations in the field of international standardization on this topic.
 Standards for transportation systems
Jun 17, 2021
The transportation system is one of the most sought after industries in the 21st century. So when this area, despite the introduction of a huge number of innovative technologies, is directly responsible for human health, then a large number of regulatory documents are created specifically for this industry. One of the most demanded types of acts today are ISO international standards. If the transport industry directly or indirectly affects the scope of your activity, the availability of these international documents will allow you to be sure that all possible risks are foreseen by you and the vector of development on an international scale will not be a problem for you.
Below we will provide some of the most relevant standards in the transport industry today.
Standardization of electrical systems
Jun 21, 2021
The automation process is increasingly being integrated into modern production processes, as well as into the management system of organizations. Nevertheless, the mechanisms used in most organizations, and even more so in manufacturing companies, cannot be sharply adapted without significant losses. That is why all processes occur smoothly. Since the presence of various mechanical systems implies constant control over the implementation of production activities, to facilitate the implementation of each process, special international documents are created, namely international standards. Today we introduce you to some of the key international ISO documents for electrical and mechanical systems.
Standardization of electrical equipment
Jun 25, 2021

The post-industrial stage of the development of society has led to a huge number of innovations that both complement each other and neutralize the actions of the previous ones. Nevertheless, technologies created in the industrial stage are used to this day in large-scale industries as well as in small and medium-sized businesses. When it comes to production processes, it is necessary to understand that despite a large number of innovative technologies, human labor has not been completely replaced, which is why safety issues remain relevant to this day. To regulate industrial systems as well as the technologies used in them, such as, for example, welding processes, special international standards have been created that determine the norms and rules for interaction with technologies, as well as the correct step-by-step recommendations for establishing the entire process. Today we will introduce you to some of the most significant international standards in this area.
Standardization for translation
Jun 29, 2021
The exchange of technologies, services and goods in the 21st century is becoming more active, the interaction between companies from different countries and continents is increasing, and therefore the need for language technologies that adapt information for different countries is increasing. Despite the fact that translation and the activities associated with it may seem at first glance to be a fairly common action, nevertheless, this is the first stage that affects the correct construction of international cooperation between companies. That is why a number of special international documents are being created to regulate these processes, with the latest of which and the most relevant we will acquaint you today.
Standardization for plumbing equipment
Aug 17, 2021
Despite the actual fact that within the twenty first century most of the normative legal acts and documents certainly technologies and innovations are expanding, one mustn't forget that mechanical systems became the idea for making a post-industrial stage in the development of society. that's why mechanics, hydraulics, and similar methodes are actively used today.  International standardization could be a comprehensive process that regulates each international problems with human action and also the elaborate application of certain equipment. one in every of the objects for international standardization for the ISO Institute is plumbing, as well as instrumentality and technologies related to it.  If your activity is said to the preceding category, the list of international standards below can considerably facilitate to boost the standard of your activity.
Worldwide standards for specialised activities
Aug 23, 2021
The specialized specialization of human activity is one among the central within the advancement of any business. Since either purposeful action depends on the event of well-working constructions, it follows that the executive archives overseeing any cycles and endorsing the principles for association with bound hardware are basically persuasive. within the exercises known with plumbing, even as gear that's utilised during this class, there are administrative international records, specifically linear unit norms, which enable the framework to be certain along at the worldwide level. On the off probability that your house of ​​activity includes collaboration with the antecedently mentioned industry, the incidental summary of principles can basically assist with organizing your action.
Technological development as an object for international standardization
Aug 28, 2021
Technologies are developing at an accelerated pace, a day new devices and technological additions to existing systems are being created. Scientific and technological development doesn't stand still and also the introduction of recent technologies greatly simplifies any activity, be it large-scale production or tiny and medium-sized businesses. Nevertheless, once it involves international activities or specific locations during which there's a desire to go with sure laws relating to technologies, it's necessary to know that a well-structured system can permit not solely finishing up activities in accordance with the rules associated regulations, however additionally getting into a lot of international markets. Nowadays we are going to introduce you to international standards control electrical instrumentation and providing you with an understanding of a way to implement new systems and apply them within the implementation of international activities.
International standardization of the food production
Sep 3, 2021
The food industry began to develop actively long before it entered the understanding of individuals as a business category. Since any activity involving human nutrition is directly accountable for the security of the functioning of processes related to health, therefore, questions of safety during this industry should be regulated terribly clearly. Today, with the accelerated pace of development of technologies, that are created to boost processes within the food industry, there's a necessity for an outsized variety of international standards. Since this issue involves the utilization of a large number of equipment, it implies the regulation of questions of safety all told processes from the testing section to the merchandise unharness phase. If your field of activity directly or indirectly comes into contact with the food industry, we have a tendency to powerfully advocate that you just have the subsequent documents in hand.
Standardization of the food industry and the steps of its development
Sep 9, 2021
Molecular research of food products and the development of new technologies for their processing are becoming more and more popular in the 21st century. After all, human health, especially in the last two years, is one of the most important categories both for security issues and for the subject of creating a business and individual subcategories. Since scientific and technological development is increasingly faced with globalization processes, as well as with the exchange of certain achievements between countries, there is an increasing need to create more regulatory legal acts that will regulate these processes and balance their development without significant differences. In order for the introduction of new technologies in any industry, including in the food industry, as well as in molecular research, to proceed most harmoniously, international standards are being created both at the local and national, supranational and global levels. Today we will introduce you to some of the major international food standards.
Safety requirements for buoyant equipment
Dec 22, 2021
The safety of human life will always be one of the most pressing issues in the formation of a base of norms and rules of any organization. But when it comes to areas such as the production of equipment or the operation of elements that directly help to implement safety standards and rules, then it is these areas that will be subject to the greatest regulation. Information from international institutions about standardization today concerns a very large number of areas of human activity that is carried out on water. One of the most striking examples are oil rigs or merchant ships and barges that transport cargo over long distances. Naturally, in order to maximize the safety of employees who take an active part in this activity, a large number of appropriate equipment and devices are created, which are standardized by international documents. We will introduce you to some of the most relevant international standards in this category today in this article.
International standards for extreme sports
Feb 11, 2022
Popularization of a healthy lifestyle has a positive effect on the development of the sports industry, and accordingly increases the demand in the market of sports goods and equipment. It should also be noted that in parallel with these processes, there is a growing interest in active sports, some of which can be called extreme. Consequently, it becomes quite natural for companies that manufacture sports equipment to scale their business, thereby increasing their profitability. The manufacture of equipment that is designed for extreme sports, such as parachuting or rock climbing, is more responsible, since a mistake can pose a direct threat to human life. Given this potential threat, all production processes must be strictly regulated and carried out in accordance with the requirements specified in international standards. Another important factor worth mentioning is that many standards in this segment are justified by the high responsibility placed on this sports equipment, so separate documents are needed to assess the safety of individual elements, some of which we have collected for you in this article.
 International standards subscriptions
Feb 27, 2023
International standards are essential for ensuring consistency, safety, and quality in various industries. However, keeping up with the latest standards can be a daunting and costly task for corporations, especially those that operate in multiple countries. This is where international standards subscription services come in, providing organizations with access to the latest standards at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them individually.
At iTeh Inc., we offer a comprehensive standards subscription service that allows our clients to access the latest international standards across a wide range of industries. Our subscription service provides a cost-effective solution for corporations that need to stay up-to-date with the latest standards without breaking the bank.