Railway engineering international standardization
Apr 27, 2021
In the 21st century, the use of air transport seems to be the most popular and demanded. Nevertheless, against the background of this popularity, the importance of railway transport should not be neglected. Today, this industry is also developing and is used not only for passenger transportation, but also for the transportation of large volumes of goods at the international level. In order for this process to be carried out with the highest quality and in accordance with the latest technical recommendations of international institutions, international standards are being created that allow keeping pace with the times in adapting to new technologies, as well as creating a single system that functions synchronously at the international level. Next, we introduce you to the latest updates in the field of international standardization for the railway industry.
International regulation for railway transport
Mar 4, 2022
Despite the active development of air transport, especially in recent years, the railway is still one of the most important ways to connect between long distances. The main advantage of this type of land transport is its carrying capacity, which in turn makes it possible to transport large volumes of heavy cargo between countries. Therefore, companies that are engaged in the construction of railways, or the production of the necessary equipment, must have an understanding of which international documents regulate their field of activity. However, it is worth noting that the importance of international regulation in this matter is of increased importance, since the unification of the requirements for railway transport gives us the opportunity to use it on the territory of different countries, thereby fulfilling our main purpose. In order to ensure the safety of movement, all rolling stock as well as connection paths must undergo regular checks to ensure they are fit for use. As we mentioned earlier, rail transport is regulated by a large number of regulations that are aimed at guaranteeing their safety, the main ones of which we have collected for you in this article.