Standards always stand for safety first
Nov 1, 2020
Safety in the use of various materials in production is responsible for many parameters that affect both the final result and intermediate parameters in the course of the activity. Since basically equipment and materials are standardized and used in the same technical characteristics, therefore, these processes are regulated by uniform standards at the international level. Today we will introduce you to some of the newest standards that are recommended to be purchased in case your company comes into contact with the materials and technologies that are described in the mentioned documents.
Petrol equipment standardization
Dec 10, 2021
In the 21st century, the sphere of production and sale of fuel is being significantly transformed. Nevertheless, one should not forget that the development of technology continues, but at the same time the existing electrical and mechanical processes are mainly supported by the supply of fuel cells familiar to the 20th and 21st centuries. That is why the issue of excessive substitution of this element is currently irrelevant. As a result, the issues of standardization and normalization of the processes associated with the aforementioned resources are being actualized. If your organization operates in a market where fuel is actively used, or you operate and sell it, then the list of the standards mentioned below will be a significant help on the path of development of your enterprise, and will also make it possible to scale to more global levels in a much shorter time.
 International standards for petrol industry
Dec 14, 2021
Until recently, life on the planet without the use of oil seemed absolutely impossible and most of the technologies were based on fuel, moreover, the cosmetic industry includes the active use of this chemical element. However, times are changing and technology is always looking for alternatives. As a result, the requirements for the fuel market are significantly increasing in order for it to remain relevant and the products that are turned around on it could be produced and used in bulk. Today, various levels of standardization create a large number of regulations in order for manufacturers and other players in this market to comply with all norms and requirements related to both the safety of employees who come into contact with fuel equipment and consumer safety. Today, the fuel sector is one of those areas that cannot be called localized and it has a completely global spread (as a result of interaction between organizations located in different countries). That is why the unification of the regulatory and legal system makes it possible to significantly simplify these interaction processes. Today we will introduce you to some of the latest international standards for fuel equipment.
 International regulation of petroleum
Jun 9, 2022

One of the most profitable industries is considered to be energy, namely the one that is engaged in oil production. Companies that operate in this segment are aware of what features of competition exist in the market. Those who want to become leaders must pay enough attention to the manufacturability of their production processes. Every year, companies spend huge sums of money to develop new sources, as well as to improve all work processes. Among other things, it is worth noting that attention to detail greatly helps companies increase their profits by improving the quality of their products. International standards that regulate the production of oil and related products help companies that want to produce a quality product and be competitive in the market. These documents are constantly updated taking into account the current situation that exists on the market. In order to make it easier for you to navigate through them and choose the one that best suits the specifics of your company, we divided them into categories, some of which we have collected for you in this article. We also want to remind you that you can always seek advice from our managers who will answer all your questions.
International standards governing petroleum products
Jun 10, 2022
The oil market is one of the most profitable sectors of the modern structure of the world economy. At present, petroleum materials are widely used in various industries, so manufacturers are meeting a sufficient level of demand for products. Sometimes it can be difficult for manufacturers to take into account all the nuances in advance in order to create a competitive product, so they come to the aid of international standards, which can act as a kind of guidance on how to ensure the quality of their products. Careful inspections allow manufacturers to make a product that will be different from their competitors and maintain the loyalty of their customers. In order to facilitate the work of producers of fuel and other petroleum products, our site has various categories where you can find many useful international standards, which in turn will help you improve the quality of your products. For our part, we would like to point out that those companies that do not neglect the issue of improving the quality of their product achieve significant success. Today we want to draw your attention to four categories of petroleum products that are in high demand in the market. This information will be a useful helper if you want the quality of your product to move to a new qualitatively better level, and in this case you will be able to increase your market share and, consequently, increase profits.
 International standardization for extraction and processing of petroleum
Dec 8, 2022
For centuries, the extraction of fuel and gas has been the cause of many economic wars, embargoes and sanctions. This industry is the most critical in terms of global economic issues. In connection with recent events, since the beginning of the coronavirus infection to the present day, the positions of fuel and fuel producing companies in the world market, as well as competitive levels, are changing faster and faster. Moreover, if we consider this industry at the macro level, then the prevalence of influence of some countries on the world stage in the fuel industry is significantly reduced and inferior to others. If we consider this industry at the micro level, it should be noted that those companies and corporations that successfully adapt to the rules of the game of modern conditions with the help of the requirements of international standards remain in the leading positions, the main of which we have cited today as an example.
International standards for petroleum products and natural gas equipment
Jan 9, 2023
Equipment in any heavy industry has a large number of technical regulations. But when it comes to production, operation, sale at the international level, such a concept as licensing and standardization comes into force. In order to simplify economic globalization processes, thus allowing small and medium-sized businesses to more easily enter international markets, standardization institutions create legal documents that allow unifying requirements within a certain geographical location, thereby simplifying the process of infusion into new markets. for businesses. Today we will acquaint you with the most relevant international standards for fuel equipment today.