Regulation of the introduction of new technologies in the transport industry by international standards.
Sep 26, 2020
Computer systems and technological equipment play one of the leading roles in building a well-functioning business structure and creating a technological base for production. Since the pace of innovative development is accelerating every day, the rules for the introduction of new devices and technologies are changing to create safety and minimize losses and prevent risks in terms of carrying out activities. In order for the system to remain structured, streamlined and consistent, special rules and regulations are created that govern the introduction of innovations at the international level.
Public transport as a subject of regulation by international standards
Oct 8, 2020
Public transport is used in every city of every country. Innovation does not stop in its development, and therefore does not bypass this industry either. Since the market for transport technologies is globalizing every day, the processes of the regulator are becoming more unified. In order to comply with all established security measures in the field of public transport, there are a number of regulatory legal acts, one of which are international standards, with the main of which we will acquaint you today.
Transport industry from the side of standardization
Oct 22, 2020
The transport industry is one of the largest in our time. Since the complex of this industry contains many subcategories, it is also regulated at different levels. International standards are created both to categorize global concepts and systems, and to regulate certain aspects of the functioning of the system and even individual details. Sometimes there are problems in the collaboration of organizations at the international level, which is why it is so important to be aware of the main regulatory legal acts that will open an easy and transparent way of development in the global market in this industry.
Transport systems - their international standardization
Nov 28, 2020
The concept of a transport system arose long before post-industrialization. The only difference is that every day more and more new technologies are being introduced that need to be regulated at each stage of implementation and use. As markets become global and the exchange of goods, services and technologies becomes more active, it is necessary to follow a single system to avoid inconsistencies. This is why international standards regulating transport technologies are being created.
Today we will introduce you to the most key and significant documents in the industry.