Electrical devices and technologies as a subject for regulation
Nov 1, 2020

Technological development and methods of applying innovations are changing every day. Companies whose activities are based on the use of electronic devices are forced to implement detailed control systems to obtain a productive result. But as markets expand and merge more and more, regulation is increasingly taking place at the international level. International standards will help to balance these processes. Since in the 21st century every organization uses new technologies in its operations, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the above list of documents.
The specifics of using various materials in production and their regulation by international standards
Nov 1, 2020
Technical documentation in most cases displays key indicators according to which this or that activity should be carried out. In the process of production and use of various types of materials, it is necessary to adhere to the rules and regulations to comply with all safety techniques and maintain the quality of the final result. In general, it makes sense to create a clear base of international standards that will govern the entire process. After all, the interaction of companies and organizations generally takes place at the international level, and therefore regulation should take place within the same framework. Today we will talk about some of the basic standards in the field of production.
Safety equipment and international industry standards
Dec 17, 2020
The importance of selecting the correct technological base for production cannot be overestimated. Since this area is important in building the functioning of the entire system, it should be noted that each sub-item must be strictly regulated. One of the important stages in building a production organization system is a safety system and the use of protective equipment. To standardize its use and application at the international level, standards are created. Today we will introduce you to some of the key documents for the operation of protective equipment.
International standardization for the safe use of electrical equipment
Dec 24, 2020
Raising the issue of safety, it is necessary to understand that the correct formation of the technological base of production or the organization that is in contact with human labor is a very important aspect. Since in the 21st century the use of various technologies is gaining momentum and a huge number of automated processes are being introduced, therefore the use of electrical devices is responsible for the quality and consistency of the functioning of this system. In connection with the globalization of markets and the active exchange of technologies between countries, there is a need to create a regulatory system that is uniform for all countries, and international standards are just such an act. Today we will tell you about some of the key documents in the field of cable regulation and also tell you which of the standards may be useful for which type of organization.
Medicine as one of the main subjects of international regulation in the modern world
Dec 24, 2020
Medicine has always taken a leading position when it comes to creating regulatory documents. Since in the last year a lot of events have happened in this industry, therefore, a large number of detailed documents have been created to regulate the equipment used in it. Asking the question of COVID-2019, it should be noted that more preference and the need to combat this ailment was given to ventilation and oxygen equipment. That is why, in 2020, an even larger number of international standards have emerged that regulate this subcategory, with which we will introduce you today.
 International regulation of IT technologies in various spheres of human activity through international standardization
Jan 8, 2021
Despite the proliferation of wireless technologies and the constant movement towards innovative development, the transmission of electricity and power by wire is still widely used today. Since this category of technologies is the most global one, a single scientific and technological base is created for the entire system and is the same for all countries of the world to create clear instructions for use, implementation, and troubleshooting. In order for the use of the above technologies to be carried out in the safest way and also to bring the most productive results from their operation, it is necessary to follow the rules and regulations prescribed in international standards. Since cables and the accompanying equipment are used in every area of ​​human activity, we recommend that you be aware of the international regulations that govern them.
Electrical equipment and its international standardization
Apr 18, 2021
In the process of industrialization, a large variety of technologies have emerged, automatically regulated. When forming the scientific and technological base of the organization, all aspects and parameters were taken into account, which were analyzed on the basis of empirical data. The tendency to build a well-functioning system based on analytical conclusions has remained popular to this day, but there has been a tendency for the globalization of production processes. One of the key issues in this context is the regulation and unification of the existing rules for the production and operation of equipment, not only to simplify the achievement of financial results, but also to increase the safety of the activities carried out. Regulation at the global as well as supranational level occurs thanks to the creation of CEN, ISO standards, with which we will introduce you today.
Fibre cables standardization
Apr 21, 2021
The pace of development of innovations is increasing every day. Since in the context of global processes, the exchange of technologies between countries very often occurs, it is necessary to understand that the inconsistency of the level of development between some states can cause certain problems when creating a single successfully functioning system. That is why, with the accelerated development of technology, more and more international documents are being created. Some of the institutions that regulate these issues are ISO, CEN, IEC organizations. These organizations create international standards that create conditions for the maximum harmonious development of technology exchange processes as well as their operation, implementation, production and sales at the international level.
International standardization of textile
Oct 20, 2021
The textile and textile industry has been a business category for quite some time and has a large number of branches. This branch of human activity is popular both among small medium-sized businesses and among entire corporations, as well as in interaction at the state level. Today it is difficult even to count the amount of equipment introduced into this industry, as well as the amount of materials that exist today. The textile industry is developing on a global scale and dictates its own rules for the indirect categories of activities as well as the organizations present in it. In order to avoid chaos and inconsistencies in a well-established system, such international documents as standards are being introduced, which clearly regulate norms and rules, and also make it possible to qualitatively assess possible results with the correct implementation of this or that equipment. Today we will introduce you to some of the main international documents of this industry.
 International standardization of  jewelries
Feb 14, 2023
The jewelry industry has its origins many centuries ago. The production of jewelry has become not just an art and the heritage of many eras and people, but has also grown into a global and profitable industry, which, unlike other categories of activity, is distinguished by its stability and low volatility. Today, the production of jewelry has a global scale and is closely intertwined with export-import activities. Due to the fact that each country has its own separate policy for regulating the supply of precious metals, then in the implementation of international trade in jewelry, there is a need for international regulation to unify technological parameters and quality standards. One such regulation option is international standardization.
International standards for the birth control
Feb 14, 2023
In the 21st century, the population has rapidly increased and continues to increase its pace. Due to the increased birth rate on the planet, certain medical discoveries have been made, which significantly help to improve the quality of medical services, as well as the introduction of innovative technologies into everyday life. Nevertheless, reproductive activity, can have some consequences for some people, and may be dangerous due to certain characteristics of health indicators. That is why certain methods of contraception were created. Since this topic primarily concerns human health, it is strictly regulated by international standards, the main of which we will acquaint you with today.
International standards for biostimulants production and usage
Jun 18, 2023
Biostimulants have gained significant attention in the plant business due to their potential to enhance plant growth, yield, and overall health while minimizing the environmental impact. As the demand for sustainable agricultural practices continues to rise, the need for internationally recognized standards for biostimulant products becomes increasingly important. These standards ensure consistency, quality, and safety while fostering global trade and promoting innovation in the biostimulant industry. This article explores the significance of international standards for biostimulants in the plant business and their role in advancing sustainable agriculture.
International standards for graphic symbols
Jul 10, 2023

Graphic symbols are visual representations that convey information quickly and effectively across diverse languages and cultures. They play a crucial role in enhancing communication, particularly in areas such as transportation, signage, and digital interfaces. To ensure consistency and universality in symbol usage, international standards have been developed. These standards facilitate seamless understanding and enable effective communication across borders. In this article, we explore the significance of international standards for graphic symbols and their potential to revolutionize communication by providing a consistent and globally recognized visual language.