The regulatory technological base for the operation of individual materials and elements is the key to productive business processes
Oct 4, 2020

A wide variety of materials are used in any production process.  Since each material has its own specifics of application, compliance with the norms and technological structure is responsible not only for the quality of the expected result, but also for safety in production processes.  As more and more companies operate at the international level and interact at almost every stage of product development, international standards are being created to determine a single technology and resolve possible inconsistencies.  In this article we will acquaint you with some of the most essential standards for companies and organizations involved in production processes and in the operation of certain types of materials and substances.
International standardization of protective clothes
Dec 7, 2021
Protective clothing is a significant help for many professions that have a high risk of damage to human health.  That is why manufacturers of protective equipment, such as, for example, goggles masks and even specialized clothing, should understand that the better the product is created, the more demanded it will be due to its qualities and indicators of resistance to the conditions in which it will be used.  Today, in connection with the development of the pandemic and its global spread, the need for the creation of protective ammunition for doctors has greatly increased.  Primarily in order to protect their health and prevent the spread of this infection.  In this regard, competition in the market for the production of protective clothing has increased and the requirements for quality indicators have increased accordingly.  We would like to acquaint you with the international standards that prescribe the norms for the operation and production of protective clothing and protective elements.  These international documents will allow your organization to remain at the level corresponding to the requirements of the modern market and, as a result, to occupy a leading position in the category of activities that you carry out.
International standards for a jewelry industry
Feb 6, 2023
The jewelry industry has its origins many centuries ago. The production of jewelry has become not just an art and the heritage of many eras and people, but has also grown into a global and profitable industry, which, unlike other categories of activity, is distinguished by its stability and low volatility. Today, the production of jewelry has a global scale and is closely intertwined with export-import activities. Due to the fact that each country has its own separate policy for regulating the supply of precious metals, then in the implementation of international trade in jewelry, there is a need for its international regulation to unify technological parameters and quality standards. One such regulation option is international standardization.