International standards for bulk materials and test methods
Mar 8, 2021
Manufacturing processes have always played an important role in organizing the construction of structures. Time changes and with it the rules of the game in international markets changed.   If your organization operates in manufacturing, we recommend that you pay attention to the following international EN standards.
International standards for gas cylinders
Jan 31, 2022
Despite significant speed in technological development almost every industry widely uses gas cylinders in its activities. Taking into account the fact that these elements are necessary in order to ensure the conservation and transportation of gas from one location to another, they must comply with international standards. Strict regulation of the production of gas cylinders should ensure the safety of further operation, so they must be tested. Companies that manufacture this product must always pay attention to the fact that the cylinder can be damaged by the gas that is inside. Only gas cylinders that have been tested for safe use and produced in accordance may be taken into service. One of the main tasks of manufacturers is to ensure the safety of their product for the end consumer, so companies need to devote enough time to study international standards that govern the requirements for gas cylinders. This area is regulated by many documents, each of which has its own characteristics, including the material from which the cylinders are made. We have collected for you in this article several international standards that describe the requirements for the production of gas cylinders.