International standardization of the food trade and production

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The food industry began to develop actively long before it entered the understanding of individuals as a business category. Since any activity involving human nutrition is directly accountable for the security of the functioning of processes related to health, therefore, questions of safety during this industry should be regulated terribly clearly. Today, with the accelerated pace of development of technologies, that are created to boost processes within the food industry, there's a necessity for an outsized variety of international standards. Since this issue involves the utilization of a large number of equipment, it implies the regulation of questions of safety all told processes from the testing section to the merchandise unharness phase. If your field of activity directly or indirectly comes into contact with the food industry, we have a tendency to powerfully advocate that you just have the subsequent documents in hand.

Foodstuffs - Determination of ergot alkaloids in cereals and cereal product by dSPE clean-up and HPLC-MS/MS

EN 17425:2021

The presence of a particular set of parts in a very particular food directly affects human health, that is why, once victimization varied products, it's necessary to make certain that its elements cannot damage a person. to manage this issue, international standards equivalent to linear unit 17425: 2021 are being created.

This document describes a way for the determination of the add of six ergot alkaloids (ergochornine, ergometrine, ergocristine, ergotamine, ergosine and ergocriptine) and their α-nine epimers by liquid natural process together with wheel mass spectrographic analysis (LC -MS / MS) when purification by dispersive solid section extraction (dSPE).

The strategy has been tested in a very vary of 13.2 μg / weight unit to 168 μg / kg for the sum of the twelve ergot alkaloids in rye flour, breadstuff and cereals (breakfast cereals, baby breakfast cereals and crisp breads) that contained rye as an ingredient, moreover as whole grain flour and a mix of barley and rye flour.

The performance of the strategy was satisfactory within the vary of twenty four.1 μg / weight unit to 168 μg / kg, however, at lower concentrations, the RSDR values ​​were beyond 44% and therefore the HorRat values ​​higher than 2.0, indicating that the method might not be absolutely adequate at concentrations below 24 μg / kg for the add of ergot alkaloids, though it is appropriate for screening at these concentrations.

Since cereals are used everyplace and are particularly gaining quality among children, therefore, the assembly processes are scaled up and therefore the vary of those product is increased. If you're baby-faced with the utilization or operation of this kind of food, we have a tendency to powerfully advocate that you just have in situ international standards governing this activity.

Milk - Quantitative determination of microbiological quality - steerage for establishing and confirmatory a conversion relationship between results of another technique and anchor method results (ISO 21187:2021)

EN ISO 21187:2021

Considering international standards from the purpose of read of food regulation, it ought to even be noted that they will be created at a additional narrow-profile level, or rather at the extent of analysis of small biological parts and qualities. so as for these processes to occur as quickly as doable and even have the best quality consequences, such documents as EN ISO 21187: 2021 are created.

This document provides tips for establishing a change relationship between results. various technique and binding method, and their validation for quantification microbiological quality of milk.

NOTE. A remodel quantitative relation is wont to

a) transform the results of another technique into a link. or b) changing results / limits expressed on AN anchor basis into leads to terms of an alternative method.

This international normal applies to a selected subcategory of the food trade, which is why we have a tendency to advocate that you just clearly check all the restrictive legal needs of the industry during which your organization operates with the annotation and technical parameters of a specific standard.

Animal feeding stuffs: strategies of sampling and analysis - Determination of the radionuclides Iodine-131, Caesium-134 and Caesium-137 in feed

EN 17462:2021

Once it involves food, international standardization is formed not just for food made for humans, however conjointly for animal feed. when all, it's they who directly have an effect on the standard of the following meat and farm products. one in every of the international standards that regulates this issue is linear unit 17462: 2021.

This document describes a way to work out the mass activity (Bq / kg) of 131I, 134Cs and 137Cs in animal feed in observance laboratories.

Provides general steerage on material sample preparation and mensuration of the 3 radionuclides 131I, 134Cs and 137Cs victimization high resolution gamma spectrographic analysis. This document is meant to supplement existing standards. additional data on sample preparation, wet determination, and gamma spectrometry is found within the specific standards documented during this document. For example, general tips for the choice of equipment, detectors and quality assurance for gamma spectrometry can be found in ISO 20042 [4].

The strategy was absolutely tested and statistically evaluated in a very cooperative trial of 5 feed samples for radionuclides 131I, 134Cs and 137Cs. Details of the with success tested in operation vary for every of the radionuclides studied are given in Appendix C.

This international normal is kind of specific and fits into a considerably narrowed variety of categories. we have a tendency to advocate that you just follow the updates of international standards within the trade during which your business operates, moreover as acquire those international standards that may significantly strengthen the technological base.

Milk and powdered milk - Determination of biological weapon M1 content - Clean-up by immunoaffinity natural process and determination by superior liquid chromatography (ISO 14501:2021)

EN ISO 14501:2021

The presence of every substance that are gift within the method of making a specific product includes a bound variety of directions and in operation standards, together with the heating temperature, moreover as humidness and alternative physical parameters. Since we've already mentioned quite once that food product are one in every of those classes that has got to be regulated by international norms and at the world level, it ought to even be noted that the presence of those restrictive documents must be on the market in domestically operating organizations. one in every of the obligatory documents of organizations that deal with farm product is EN ISO 14501: 2021.

This document specifies a way for the determination of biological weapon M1 content in milk and powdered milk. all-time low level of validation is 0,08 μg/kg for milk powder, i.e. 0,008 μg/l for reconstituted liquid milk. The limit of detection (LOD) is 0,05 μg/kg for milk powder and 0,005 μg/kg for liquid milk. The limit of quantification (LOQ) is 0,1 μg/kg for milk powder and 0,01 μg/kg for liquid milk.

The strategy is additionally applicable to milk, skim milk, low-fat milk powder and skimmed milk powder.

This International normal establishes clearly signed frameworks for the content of bound elements. Thus, it guarantees the standard of product of organizations that are certified by this document. If you would like the quality of the merchandise you produce to satisfy the conditions and needs of the world market, we have a tendency to advocate having this international document available.

Sensory analysis - Methodology - Triangle check (ISO 4120:2021)

EN ISO 4120:2021

As already mentioned, any trade is regulated by international standards, each from the terribly 1st stage of the test methods, and throughout the complete cycle till the ultimate unharness of a product or service. once it involves methodology, its formation may also be subject to international standardization so as to unify the whole system. One example of international standards governing methodology and check strategies is EN ISO 4120: 2021.

This document specifies a procedure for determinative whether or not a perceptible sensory distinction or similarity exists between samples of 2 products. the strategy may be a forced-choice procedure. The method is applicable whether a difference exists in a very single sensory attribute or in many attributes. The method is statistically additional economical than the duo-trio check (described in ISO 10399), however has restricted use with product that exhibit sturdy carryover and/or lingering flavours. The strategy is applicable even once the character of the distinction is unknown [i.e. it determines neither the dimensions nor the direction of difference between samples, neither is there any indication of the attribute(s) accountable for the difference]. The strategy is applicable given that the products are homogeneous.

The broad classes related to the food trade is confusing when selecting a specific international standard. Nevertheless, you can forever contact the specialists within the field of choice of international standardization and get precisely the document that may become the start of the productive development of your business on a additional world level.

International cooperation in the field of food - rules

The event cycle of any organization or company is split into bound stages. however in every case, at the primary stage, all activities are distributed locally. Nevertheless, in the twenty first century, the scaling of any production is carried out in a abundant quicker manner, as a result of technologies don't stand still, the interaction of individuals from totally different countries and elements of the globe is changing into more and more straightforward and therefore the solely main issue nowadays is that the conformity of product within the exporter' country. The principles and rules of the importation country. So as to modify these processes and build world trade more and more accessible, international standards are being created that enable not only unifying existing norms and rules, however also considerably serving to tiny and medium-sized businesses, structuring company processes. If you're curious about developing your business and are engaged in food products, we recommend having international standards involving this trade available, as a result of the standard of the product oversubscribed is that the key to quality and profitability.