International standards for service lines in telecommunications


Telecommunications have long occupied a very important place in our lives, which means that there is a high demand for them on the market, which in turn will encourage companies to pay more attention to the quality of the services provided. Achievements of scientific and technological progress have made our lives more comfortable, as a result, the modern user has become more demanding, because he knows his level of comfort below which he is not ready to fall. Consequently, companies that provide telecommunications services understand the level of competition that exists in the market. This situation can become a kind of challenge for companies, which means that anyone who wants to take a leading position in their market segment must be able to meet modern standards. The easiest way to implement this problem will be to introduce into your work the criteria that are described in international standards. Today we want to introduce you to the categories of international standards that relate to telecommunications, and in turn will become your assistants if you want to improve your product. All international standards that we will talk about today are presented on our website, you can familiarize yourself with them using the links that we have left below.

Mobile services

The advent and development of mobile services was a significant breakthrough in the field of telecommunications, as it greatly simplified the communication between people. At the moment, the user, if he has a device that supports mobile communications, can easily receive information from a user who is located in another part of the world. The high demand for high-quality mobile communications creates a high level of competition in the market, and, accordingly, companies compete with each other in terms of the quality of their services. In order to organize your work as productively as possible, you should pay attention to the international standards that we have collected in the Mobile Communications category. Thanks to these documents, you will be able to offer your users the most competitive product. The international standards contained in this category regulate a wide range of issues, among other things, you can read the following SIST ES 203 228 V1.4.1:2022B document called Environmental Engineering (EE) - Assessment of mobile network energy efficiency. More information you can find on our website.

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)

Digital technologies are rapidly becoming an integral part of our daily lives. It is difficult for a modern user to imagine his day without the use of electronic gadgets. With this in mind, we have created the category of international standards Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), where you can get acquainted with the documents that govern this issue. One example that you can see in this category is IEC TS 62229:2017 called Multimedia systems and equipment - Multimedia e-publishing and e-book - Conceptual model for multimedia e-publishing. This document will be especially useful to specialists who are engaged in the creation of electronic libraries and other similar resources. This information is especially relevant in connection with the trend towards self-development and learning, as well as from the transition from paper publications to electronic ones. You can read the full text of this International Standard, as well as other documents contained in this category, on our website, using the links that we have left below.

Components and accessories for telecommunications equipment

The provision of telecommunications services would be impossible without the existence of manufacturers that produce equipment and accessories for them. You can find all international standards that will be useful to you in your work in the category Components and accessories for telecommunications equipment. One of the main international standards that you can find in this category is SIST EN IEC 63138-3:2022 called Multi-channel radio frequency connectors - Part 3: Sectional specification for MQ5 series circular connectors (IEC 63138-3:2022 ). As we can judge from the title of this document, it will be especially useful for companies that manufacture equipment based on the use of radio frequencies. You can read the full text of the document on our website, using the link that we have left for you below. We also want to remind you that you can always use the help of our specialists in choosing the appropriate international standards.

Special measuring equipment for use in telecommunications

Companies that deal with equipment for telecommunications services must have certain measurement criteria, which in turn allow them to provide the end user with a quality product. Given the large amount of information that is present in this segment of telecommunications services, we have collected all international standards in one category called Components and accessories for telecommunications equipment. In this section of our website you can find many useful guides that will greatly help you in your work. We want to talk in more detail about one of the international standards in this category, namely SIST EN IEC 61315:2019, which you can also find under the name Calibration of fiber-optic power meters (IEC 61315:2019). If you have any doubts about which international standards you should implement in the work of your company, then you can seek advice from our specialists on our website.

Regulation of the organization of provision of telecommunication services

The exchange of information is much faster, which in turn has a number of positive consequences, such as the possibility of international cooperation. The modern world has more opportunities for cooperation between people than it was before, it is especially worth noting that this cooperation has become not only more possible, but also more convenient. It is difficult to overestimate the underestimation of telecommunications services in the life of a modern person, since their rapid development has become a kind of ticket to a new life for humanity and technologies that until recently seemed like science fiction have become part of our daily routine. It is also worth noting that the quality of these services largely depends on the equipment used by companies. Competition in the telecommunications market is an incentive for companies to keep a close eye on the quality of their work, as well as constantly improve it. In turn, we can help you with this if you decide to implement in your work the criteria that are described in international standards. Our experts are always ready to help you select the necessary materials that will become a qualitatively new step in the development of your company, as well as increase your competitiveness. Follow the link to our website, and there you will find all the necessary information.