International regulation of clothing production
Apr 29, 2022
Companies that decide to engage in the production of clothing should understand that there is a lot of competition in this market segment, and, accordingly, the consumer is very whimsical, because he has a wide choice. At the same time, the modern clothing industry, despite certain internal challenges, is a very promising area, because clothes are essential goods and there will always be a demand for these goods, speaking in general. In more detail, the fashion industry can be segmented according to different criteria. Such divisions include the distribution of goods by price segments, it is obvious that premium branded clothing and clothing from the mass market will have different target audiences. However, it is also worth noting that despite the different features, the production of clothing has similar features that need strict regulation by the competent authorities. Among other things, one of the most important components of the successful results of the work of companies that are engaged in the production of clothing or footwear is the equipment on which it is all produced. Given that the technological process has greatly expanded the possibilities for making clothes, it is not surprising that with such a variety of choices, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right technique. In such situations, you can come to the aid of international standards that regulate issues related to equipment. Moreover, the documents that are collected in this category will be useful not only for companies that are engaged in the production of clothing in order to easily navigate this issue. This information will be, first of all, useful for manufacturers of sewing machines and other equipment, since it will make it possible to manufacture equipment in accordance with international requirements. We have prepared an article for you in which we have collected several categories of international standards that regulate the production of clothing, footwear and accessories. If you are interested in your company taking a leading position in its segment, then this information will definitely be useful to you.
Footwear industry international standardization
Dec 21, 2022
The creation of shoes is an ancient industry and is responsible not only for aesthetics, but also for safety, comfort and even health issues. That is why shoe manufacturers around the world are constantly researching, introducing innovative technologies and taking care of the quality of their products in terms of compliance with safety standards and rules. Today, this industry is global and has a number of rules and regulations that are established to regulate product quality and protect consumer rights. As for the equipment itself and the production processes themselves, they are regulated by international standards, the main ones of which we will present in today's article.
International standardization of clothes
Jan 9, 2023
The clothing industry is always primarily associated with beauty, fashion and more aesthetic parameters. In all centuries, this industry has not stopped its development, but rather only increased its momentum on a global scale. Despite the fact that the aesthetic side of the clothing industry is the first thing that comes to mind, we should not forget that behind a beautiful picture there are months of work, business processes, calculations, calculations and a large number of technological aspects. Today, this industry is global and covers every country as demand for it increases. At the same pace, the number of international standards regulating the clothing industry is increasing. We will acquaint you with the most relevant and main of them today.