Standardization of plastic and rubber materials
Mar 25, 2022
To date, a large number of chemical elements are used in production processes. Despite the fact that each new technology replaces the previous one and seems to be the most optimal in terms of optimizing costs and safety issues, nevertheless, during practical operation, certain points are revealed that may have a negative impact on both human health and environmental aspects in the future. in the process of final processing. Since, unfortunately, the environment suffers more and more with the improvement of technology, a large number of regulatory acts have been created for working with plastic materials for both small and large-scale production. Different scales require a different number of regulatory documents, however, technologies and devices are often identical, which is why even if your organization today has a relatively small scale of operations, you should not level the importance of international standards in any case. Today we will present you with a list of standards that will greatly help you in the productive operation of your equipment.