International regulation of livestock industries

Agricultural international standards SIST

Agriculture plays a crucial role in the global system of division of labor, as this segment of the economy generates a large number of jobs. If you look at it from the other side, it is rural. The economy also plays an important role in the world food system and the results of its activities help to solve the problem of hunger. Agriculture is a classic area of ​​human activity, but it is not surprising that in recent years, technology has changed greatly and now they give entrepreneurs much more opportunities than before. International regulation in the field of agriculture is an important step towards ensuring safe consumption of its results. Given this fact, we can conclude that companies should pay attention to the international standards that exist in this area, if they want to be competitive. As the level of competition increases every year, agricultural owners need to keep a close eye on emerging updates. In order to help you better understand which issues are governed by international standards, we have grouped them for you into thematic categories, each of which relates to a specific area of ​​agricultural activity. However, if after reading this article, you have doubts about choosing the document that best suits the needs of your company; you can always seek the advice of our specialists who will help you with this.

Animal feeding stuffs

Livestock, by right, is considered one of the main areas of agricultural activity, which are engaged in large enterprises. However, as this industry produces mainly food, its work must meet international standards in order to ensure the safety of further consumption. If you are a livestock farmer, then you understand how important it is to be responsible when it comes to feeding animals, because it depends on what income you can make. With this in mind, we have prepared for you on our website a category of international standards called Animal feeding stuffs, which collects all the information regarding animal feeding. In particular, in this category you will be able to get acquainted with the following international standard SIST EN 17504: 2022, which is also called Animal feeding stuffs: Methods of sampling and analysis - Determination of gossypol in cotton seed and feeding stuff by LC-MS / MS. The full text of this document, as well as others like it, you can on our website at the link below.


Companies that manufacture hunting products are increasingly responsible for their products, as they can pose a direct threat to those who use them. That is why this direction of agriculture is subject to strict regulation. If you are engaged in the manufacture of goods for hunting, then it will be useful for you to get acquainted with such an international standard as ISO 10990-5: 1999 (MAIN), which is also called Animal (mammal) traps - Part 5: Methods for testing restraining traps. Because, this document regulates the methods of testing traps for wild animals. Because this device can pose a certain danger to people, in this case, the manufacturer must conduct all necessary tests so that it does not pose a threat to people who will operate it in the future. This category also contains other documents that will be useful to you, so we advise you to follow the link we left below and read the full text.

Fishing and fish breeding

One of the traditional branches of agriculture is fishing. Modern farmers who are engaged in this area play an important role in the structure of production, so we have prepared for you a category of documents on our site called Fishing and fish breeding. We advise you to pay attention to the following international standard IEC 60335-2-86: 2018 (MAIN), which is also called Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-86: Particular requirements for electric fishing machines. It will help you to correctly determine the characteristics for electric machines that can be used in fishing. You will be able to use this standard as a kind of guide that will give you a proper understanding of what the requirements are for the production of such tools. All international standards, which are presented in this category, will help you better understand the requirements that exist at the level of legislation for your business. If you cannot choose the international standards that you need to use in your work, then we advise you to contact our managers who will help you in this matter. To get a consultation, go to our website.

Tobacco, tobacco products and related equipment

The tobacco industry is subject to strict regulation by law, which means that manufacturers cannot ignore the rules set out in international standards. Due to the large number of legal documents, we understand that it can be difficult for managers to identify the main standards, so we have collected them all in one category on our website, called Tobacco, tobacco products and related equipment. This section of our site contains useful information that will be useful to manufacturers of tobacco products, in particular on substances that may be part of cigarettes and other products. One of the important international standards on this subject is the following SIST EN ISO 20714: 2022 (MAIN), which you can also find under the name E-liquid - Determination of nicotine, propylene glycol and glycerol in liquids used in electronic nicotine delivery devices - Gas chromatographic method (ISO 20714: 2019). You can read the full text of the document on our website, at the link below.

Modern challenges in the market of agricultural products

Companies operating in the agricultural segment have a great understanding of the specifics of their market, as well as the level of competition in it. We can also see the significant technological developments that have taken place in recent decades. Recently, the winners in the competition are those companies that are open to innovation, as well as those companies that understand the importance of producing quality products that meet international requirements. The international regulation that exists in the field of agriculture aims to provide the market with goods and services of appropriate quality, which will also meet safety standards for consumers. That is why there are many documents that define the rules of production and testing of finished goods. If we talk about individual segments of agriculture, we need to take into account the specifics of each of them separately. Our task is to help you choose the right international standards that will help you in your work. With the information they contain, you will be able to improve the quality of your product or service, which also means increasing the level of competitiveness of your company. The latter, in turn, will increase the number of customers and increase profits. Modern business requires modern solutions, so you need to be able to respond quickly to new challenges. One way to solve this problem is international standards, which you can find on our website. Follow the links we have left below and choose the categories of international standards that best suit you, taking into account the specifics of your company.