International regulation of the painting industry
Aug 1, 2022

The chemical industry has made tremendous strides in recent years. Inventions of different variations of paint make it possible to make it as environmentally friendly as possible, as well as to minimize the negative impact of harmful substances on the human body. However, it is worth noting that the implementation of such a scenario became possible in many respects thanks to the creation of a clear regulatory framework that regulates the production and use of such elements. That is why a large number of international standards have been developed and created to help companies improve the quality of their goods and services. As a separate item, international standards can be noted, which determine the methods of checking both individual elements and finished paints and varnishes, which allows the manufacturer to guarantee the safety of further use to consumers. We would also like to emphasize that regular work is being done with international standards to check their modern needs of the market, that is, necessary changes are made to them. We try to make our site as convenient as possible for you, so all standards are divided into thematic categories, which greatly simplifies the search. You can get access to all the international standards that you will need in your company's work. We advise you to quickly follow the links we have left below if you want to expand the possibilities of your enterprise.