Information technology — JPEG XR image coding system — Part 4: Conformance testing — Amendment 1: Additional JPEG XR conformance test streams

Technologies de l'information — Système de codage d'image JPEG XR — Partie 4: Essai de conformité — Amendement 1: Flux d'essai de conformité JPEG XR supplémentaires

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ISO/IEC 29199-4:2010/Amd 1:2014 - Additional JPEG XR conformance test streams
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STANDARD 29199-4
First edition
Information technology — JPEG XR
image coding system —
Part 4:
Conformance testing
conformance test streams
Technologies de l’information — Système de codage d’image JPEG
XR —
Partie 4: Essai de conformité
AMENDEMENT 1: Flux d’essai de conformité JPEG XR supplémentaires
Reference number
ISO/IEC 29199-4:2010/Amd.1:2014(E)
ISO/IEC 2014

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ISO/IEC 29199-4:2010/Amd.1:2014(E)

This minor enhancement of Rec. ITU.T T.834 | ISO/IEC 29199-4 extends and enhances the set of test
streams for Rec. ITU.T T.832 | ISO/IEC 29199-2 in two ways: First, additional test streams cover
features than had either not yet been tested in earlier revisions or did not exist in earlier versions in the
standard. Second, extensions made to Rec. ITU.T T.802 | ISO/IEC 15444-2 allow the wrapping of JPEG XR
codestreams in the JPEG 2000 file format, for which new reference streams are included.
Three new test streams cover the “red-blue not swapped” flag recently introduced in Rec. ITU.T T.832
| ISO/IEC 29199-2, and the DCLP-QP flag, which was not covered in earlier tests. The “trim-flexbits”
feature was only partially tested in earlier revisions of this Recommendation | International Standard,
and test streams for this have been added. An additional set of test streams covers the spatial rotation
The second block of tests cover the new boxed-based file format introduced in AMD.3 of Rec. ITU-T T.802 |
ISO/IEC 15444-2.
The new set of test streams is not included as an electronic attachment to this text due to size constraints,
but is available at the following URL:
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ISO/IEC 29199-4:2010/Amd.1:2014(E)
Information technology — JPEG XR image coding system —
Part 4:
Conformance testing
AMENDMENT 1: Additional JPEG XR conformance test streams
Add the following subclauses at the end of Clause 7:
7.9 Output_Bitdepth_16
— CarHandle_Spat_Ov0_1x1_YUV444.jxr
7.10 Special_QP
— Seattle_Ov0_QPIndex0.jxr
— Seattle_Ov0_ScaleFlag0_QP31.jxr
— Seattle_Ov0_ScaleFlag0_QP32.jxr
— Seattle_Ov0_ScaleFlag0_QP47.jxr
— Seattle_Ov0_ScaleFlag0_QP48.jxr
— Seattle_Ov0_ScaleFlag1_QP15.jxr
— Seattle_Ov0_ScaleFlag1_QP16.jxr
— Seattle_Ov1_QPIndex0.jxr
— Seattle_Ov1_ScaleFlag0_QP31.jxr
— Seattle_Ov1_ScaleFlag0_QP32.jxr
— Seattle_Ov1_ScaleFlag0_QP47.jxr
— Seattle_Ov1_ScaleFlag0_QP48.jxr
— Seattle_Ov1_ScaleFlag1_QP15.jxr
— Seattle_Ov1_ScaleFlag1_QP16.jxr
7.11 Flags_And_Tiles
— Seattle_Ov0_1x1_IndexTable0.jxr
— Seattle_Ov1_1x1_IndexTable0.jxr
7.15 Output_Colour_Format_Baseline
— Maui_Spat_16bppGray.jxr
— Maui_Spat_32bppBGR.jxr
© ISO/IEC 2014 – All rights reserved 1

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ISO/IEC 29199-4:2010/Amd.1:2014(E)

7.16 Output_Colour_Format_Main
— 3channel16_noprof_noalpha_Spat.jxr
— 3channel_noprof_noalpha_Spat.jxr
— 4channel16_noprof_noalpha_Spat.jxr
— 4channel_noprof_noalpha_Spat.jxr
7.21 Levels
— Level255_cols_Spat_1x1.jxr
— Level255_raws_Spat_1x1.jxr
— Level16_cols_Spat_1x1.jxr
— Level16_rows_Spat_1x1.jxr
— Level4_cols_Spat_1x1.jxr
— Level4_rows_Spat_1x1.jxr
— Level8_cols_Spat_1x1.jxr
— Level8_rows_Spat_1x1.jxr
7.25 Tag_Based_Container
— Boats1_IFD_Tags_ByteCount0.jxr
— Boats2_IFD_Tags_ByteCount0.jxr
— Seattle_IFD_Tags_ByteCount0.jxr
7.27 Reference file set Red-Blue-Not-Swapped
This collection of 6 .jxr files contains images in the BGR555, BGR565 and BGR101010 colour format that
make use of the RED_BLUE_SWAPPED_FLAG of the codestream, indicating a component order in which
red is in the first and blue in the last channel. The set consists of the files
— Maui_555_RBns_Flg_Off.jxr
— Maui_555_RBns_Flg_On.jxr
— Maui_565_RBns_Flg_Off.jxr
— Maui_565_RBns_Flg_On.jxr
— Maui_101010_RBns_Flg_Off.jxr
— Maui_101010_RBns_Flg_On.jxr
7.28 Reference file set Use-DCLP-QP-Flag
In this collection of 7 .jxr files, the variable quantization options of JPEG XR “USE_DC/LP_QP_FLAG” are
tested and the number of quantizer for the three bands (DC,LP,HP) are varied between one, four, eight
and 16. The set consists of the files:
— Seattle_L01n_H12u.jxr
2 © ISO/IEC 2014 – All rights reserved

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ISO/IEC 29199-4:2010/Amd.1:2014(E)

— Seattle_L01u_H12n.jxr
— Seattle_L08n_H04u.jxr
— Seattle_L08u_H04n.jxr
— Seattle_L08u_H04u.jxr
— Seattle_L16n_H01u.jxr
— Seattle_L16u_H01n.jxr
7.29 Refe

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