Environmental testing -- Part 2: Tests - Test Ka: Salt mist

Compares resistance to deterioration from salt mist between specimens of similar construction. May be used to evaluate the quality and the uniformity of protective coatings.

Umweltprüfungen -- Teil 2: Prüfungen - Prüfung Ka: Salznebel

Essais d'environnement -- Partie 2: Essais - Essai Ka: Brouillard salin

A pour objet de comparer la résistance à la détérioration due au brouillard salin sur des spécimens de conception analogue. Est utile pour évaluer la qualité et l'uniformité des revêtements de protection.

Environmental testing - Part 2: Tests - Test Ka: Salt mist

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2003-01.Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo. Razmnoževanje celote ali delov tega standarda ni dovoljeno.Environmental testing - Part 2: Tests - Test Ka: Salt mistUmweltprüfungen -- Teil 2: Prüfungen - Prüfung Ka: SalznebelEssais d'environnement -- Partie 2: Essais - Essai Ka: Brouillard salinEnvironmental testing -- Part 2: Tests - Test Ka: Salt mist19.040Preskušanje v zvezi z okoljemEnvironmental testingICS:Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z:EN 60068-2-11:1999SIST EN 60068-2-11:2001en01-september-2001SIST EN 60068-2-11:2001SLOVENSKI

SIST EN 60068-2-11:2001

SIST EN 60068-2-11:2001

SIST EN 60068-2-11:2001

NORME INTERNATIONALECEIIEC INTERNATIONAL STANDARD 60068-2-11Troisième éditionThird edition1981 Essais fondamentaux climatiques et de robustesse mécanique – Partie 2-11: Essais – Essai Ka: Brouillard salin
Basic environmental testing procedures – Part 2-11: Tests – Test Ka: Salt mist
For price, see current cataloguePour prix, voir catalogue en vigueur Commission Electrotechnique InternationaleInternational Electrotechnical CommissionF CODE PRIX PRICE CODE BASIC SAFETY PUBLICATION PUBLICATION FONDAMENTALE DE SÉCURITÉ SIST EN 60068-2-11:2001

Publication 60068-2-11 de la CEIIEC Publication 60068-2-11(Troisième édition – 1981)(Third edition – 1981)Essais fondamentaux climatiqueset de robustesse mécanique –Deuxième partie: Essais –Essai Ka: Brouillard salinBasic environmentaltesting procedures –Part 2: Tests –Test Ka: Salt mistCORRIGENDUM 1Page 6Correction in the French text only.4 Brouillard salinRemplacer, à la deuxième ligne du para-graphe 4.1.1, «oxyde de sodium» par«iodure de sodium».Décembre 1999December 1999SIST EN 60068-2-11:2001

– 3 –
INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION ––––––––– BASIC ENVIRONMENTAL TESTING PROCEDURES – Part 2: Tests – Test Ka: Salt mist FOREWORD 1) The formal decisions or agreements of the IEC on technical matters, prepared by technical committees on which all the National Committees having a special interest therein are represented, express, as nearly as possible, an international consensus of opinion on the subjects dealt with. 2) They have the form of recommendations for international use and they are accepted by the National Committees in that sense. 3) In order to promote international unification, the IEC expresses the wish that all National Committees should adopt the text of the IEC recommendation for their national rules in so far as national conditions will permit. Any divergence between the IEC recommendation and the corresponding national rules should, as far as possible, be clearly indicated in the latter. PREFACE This standard has been prepared by subcommittee 50B: Climatic tests, of IEC technical committee 50: Environmental testing. This third edition supersedes the second edition (1964) of Test Ka: Salt mist. A first draft was discussed at the meeting held in Paris in 1979. As a result of this meeting, a new draft, Document 50B(Central Office)212 was submitted to the National Committees for approval under the Six Months' Rule in July 1979. It has the status of a basic safety publication in accordance with IEC Guide 104. The National Committees of the following countries voted explicitly in favour of publication: Australia Netherlands Belgium Norway Brazil Poland Canada Romania China South Africa Czechoslovakia (Republic of) Finland Spain France Sweden Germany Switzerland Hungary Turkey Israel United Kingdom Italy United States of Korea (Democratic People's America
Republic of)
–––––––––––––– SIST EN 60068-2-11:2001

— 5 —BASIC ENVIRONMENTAL TESTING PROCEDURESPart 2: Tests — Test Ka: Salt mist1. ScopeThis test is to be applied to compare the resistance to deterioration from salt mist of specimensof similar construction.It is useful for evaluating the quality and the uniformity of protective coatings.2. GeneralThe following restrictions shall be taken into account:a)the test is unsuitable as a general salt corrosion test;b)it is also considered to be unsuitable for the evaluation of individual specimens intended foruse in salt-laden atmospheres.For equipment and components, Test Kb is considered to provide more realistic conditionsand to provide means of assessment of individual items. If however, for particularcircumstances, the relevant specification requires this test (Ka) to be applied to individualspecimens for qualification purposes, then the specimens should be tested as part of the overallassembly or equipment in which they are to be used and be complete with any protection devices(cases, covers, shields, etc.), as in practice.3. Test apparatus3.1 Test chamberThe chamber for this test shall be constructed of such materials that will not influence thecorrosive effects of the salt mist.The detailed construction of the chamber, including the method of producing the mist, isoptional provided that:a)the conditions in the chamber are within the limits specified;b)a sufficiently large volume with constant, homogeneous conditions (no

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