Polymeric materials, cellular flexible - Determination of compression set (ISO 1856:1980)

Polymerwerkstoffe, Weich-elastische Schaumstoffe - Bestimmung des Druckverformungsrestes (ISO 1856:1980)

Diese Internationale Norm spezifiziert drei Methoden zur Bestimmung des Druckverformungsrestes von Schaumstoffen. Gegenwärtig gilt diese InternationaleNorm nur für Latex- und Polyurethanschaumstoffe mit einer Dicke von mehr als 2 mm. Methoden für andere Werkstoffe werden nach den jeweiligen Erfordernissen ergänzt.

Matériaux polymères alvéolaires souples - Détermination de la rémanence à la compression (ISO 1856:1980)

Penjeni polimerni materiali - Mehke pene - Določanje zaostale tlačne deformacije (ISO 1856:1980)

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SIST EN ISO 1856:2000
Polymeric materials, cellular flexible - Determination of compression set (ISO 1856:1980)
Polymerwerkstoffe, Weich-elastische Schaumstoffe - Bestimmung des
Druckverformungsrestes (ISO 1856:1980)
Matériaux polymeres alvéolaires souples - Détermination de la rémanence a la
compression (ISO 1856:1980)
Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z: EN ISO 1856:1996
83.100 Penjeni polimeri Cellular materials
SIST EN ISO 1856:2000 en
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SIST EN ISO 1856:2000

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SIST EN ISO 1856:2000

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SIST EN ISO 1856:2000

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SIST EN ISO 1856:2000
International Standard
Polymeric materials, cellular flexible - Determination of
Compression set
Mat&iaux polym&res alvkolaires soup/es - D&termination de la rhmanence ;i la compression
Second edition - 1980-11-01
UDC 678.445.8 : 620.17322 Ref. No. IS0 1856-1980 (E)
Descriptors : cellular materials, cellular plastics, foam rubber, compression tests, compression set.
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SIST EN ISO 1856:2000
IS0 (the International Organization for Standardization) is a worldwide federation of
national standards institutes (IS0 member bodies). The work of developing Inter-
national Standards is carried out through IS0 technical committees. Every member
body interested in a subject for which a technical committee has been set up has the
right to be represented on that committee. International organizations, governmental
and non-governmental, in liaison with ISO, also take part in the work.
Draft International Standards adopted by the technical committees are circulated to
the member bodies for approval before their acceptance as International Standards by
the IS0 Council.
International Standard IS0 1856 was developed by Technical Committee ISO/TC 45,
Rubber and rubber products.
This second edition was submitted directly to the IS0 Council, in accordance with
clause 5.10.1 of part 1 of the Directives for the technical work of ISO. It cancels and
replaces the first edition (i.e. IS0 1856-19721, which had been approved by the
member bodies of the following countries :
Australia Greece Romania
Austria Hungary South Africa, Rep. of
Belgium India Spain
Brazil Iran Switzerland
Canada Israel Thailand
Chile Italy Turkey
Czechoslovakia Japan United Kingdom
Egypt, Arab Rep. of Netherlands USA
New Zealand
France USSR
Germany, F. R. Poland
The member body of the followin had expressed
country disapproval of the docu-
ment on technical grounds :
0 International Organization for Standardization, 1980
Printed in Switzerland

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SIST EN ISO 1856:2000
IS0 1856-1980 (E)
Polymeric materials, cellular flexible - Determination of
compression set
1 Scope and field of application
5.2 Means of measuring the dimensions of test pieces
in accordance with IS0 1923.
This International Standard specifies three methods for
determining the compression set of flexible cellular materials.
6 Test pieces
At present, this International Standard applies only to latex,
and polyurethane foams of thickness greater than 2 mm.
6.1 Requirements
Methods for other materials will be added as required.
Test pieces shall have parallel top and bottom surfaces and
essentially vertical sides. They shall be 50 k 1 mm long,
2 Reference
50 + 1 mm wide and 25 + 1 mm thick. All test pieces shall be
free-from contamination and skin on the vertical sides.
IS0 1923, Rigid cellular plastics - Determination of linear
dimensions. 1) When thin materials are to be tested, sufficient test pieces, of
dimensions 50 mm x 50 mm, shall be taken so that the sum of
their thicknesses before compression is at least 25 mm. The
test pieces shall be plied together and interleaved with the
3 Definition
photographic mounting slides where the number of plies is
greater than two, and the complete assembly shall be treated
compression set : The difference between the initial
during the test as a single thick test piece.
thickness and the final thickness of a test piece of the cellular
material after compression for a given time at a given
6.2 Samples showing orientation
temperature and after a given recovery time, this difference
being referred to the initial thickness.
If samples sho

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