LED packages for general lighting - Specification sheet (IEC 63146:2019)

IEC 63146:2019 establishes requirements for specification sheets relating to light emitting diode (LED) packages designed for the emission of white light for general lighting applications. This document does not contain compliance criteria.

LED-Packages für die Allgemeinbeleuchtung - Angaben im Datenblatt (IEC 63146:2019)

LED encapsulées pour eclairage général - Feuille de spécification (IEC 63146:2019)

L'IEC 63146:2019 établit des exigences pour les feuilles de spécification portant sur les diodes électroluminescentes (LED) encapsulées conçues pour l'émission de lumière blanche pour des applications d'éclairage général. Le présent document ne contient pas de critères de conformité.

Ohišje za svetleče diode (LED) za splošno razsvetljavo - Specifikacijski list (IEC 63146:2019)

Ta dokument določa analogni krmilni vmesnik naprave, ki ima funkcijo krmiljenja izhoda krmilne naprave. Izhod krmilne naprave se krmili med najmanjšo/izklopljeno in največjo vrednostjo napetostne krmilne naprave, ki zmanjša vir toka krmilne naprave.
Ta dokument ne določa varnostnih zahtev za analogni vmesnik krmilne naprave. Varnostne zahteve so navedene v standardu IEC 61347 (vsi deli).

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SIST EN IEC 63146:2019
Ohišje za svetleče diode (LED) za splošno razsvetljavo - Specifikacijski list (IEC
LED packages for general lighting - Specification sheet (IEC 63146:2019)
LED-Packages für die Allgemeinbeleuchtung - Angaben im Datenblatt (IEC 63146:2019)
LED encapsulées pour eclairage général - Feuille de spécification (IEC 63146:2019)
Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z: EN IEC 63146:2019
29.140.50 Instalacijski sistemi za Lighting installation systems
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SIST EN IEC 63146:2019



July 2019
ICS 29.140.99

English Version
LED packages for general lighting - Specification sheet
(IEC 63146:2019)
LED encapsulées pour eclairage général - Feuille de LED-Packages für die Allgemeinbeleuchtung - Angaben im
spécification Datenblatt
(IEC 63146:2019) (IEC 63146:2019)
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EN IEC 63146:2019 (E)
European foreword
The text of document 34A/2133/FDIS, future edition 1 of IEC 63146, prepared by SC 34A "Lamps" of
IEC/TC 34 "Lamps and related equipment" was submitted to the IEC-CENELEC parallel vote and
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• latest date by which the document has to be implemented at national (dop) 2020-03-06
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SIST EN IEC 63146:2019

IEC 63146


Edition 1.0 2019-05





LED packages for general lighting – Specification sheet

LED encapsulées pour eclairage général – Feuille de spécification







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SIST EN IEC 63146:2019
– 2 – IEC 63146:2019 © IEC 2019
1 Scope . 5
2 Normative references . 5
3 Terms and definitions . 5
4 General requirements for product information . 5
4.1 Title on the specification sheet . 5
4.2 Graphic presentation requirements . 5
5 Performance characteristics . 5
5.1 Correlated colour temperature versus luminous flux . 5
5.2 Colour binning . 6
5.3 Spectral power distribution . 6
5.4 Luminous intensity distribution . 6
5.5 Luminous flux versus forward current . 6
5.6 Luminous flux versus temperature. 6
5.7 Colour-over-angle . 6
5.8 Luminous flux binning . 6
5.9 Forward voltage binning . 6
5.10 Change in colour coordinates versus temperature . 6
5.11 Luminous efficacy versus forward current . 6
6 Operational characteristics . 6
6.1 Operating limits . 6
6.2 Thermal and electrical characteristics . 7
6.3 Forward current versus forward voltage . 7
6.4 Forward current versus temperature . 7
6.5 Forward voltage versus temperature . 7
7 Physical and electrical connection characteristics . 7
7.1 Mechanical characteristics . 7
7.2 Electrical diagram . 7
8 Product handling . 7
8.1 Assembly . 7
8.2 LED packing information . 7
8.3 Moisture sensitivity level . 7
9 Measurement method reporting . 8
9.1 Photometric and chromaticity data . 8
9.2 Thermal characteristics data . 8
Bibliography . 9

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SIST EN IEC 63146:2019
IEC 63146:2019 © IEC 2019 – 3 –


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