Dental absorbent points (ISO 7551:1996)

Specifies requirements and test methods for dental absorbent points used in endodontic procedures.

Zahnärztliche absorbierende Spitzen (ISO 7551:1996)

In der vorliegenden internationalen Norm werden Anforderungen und Prüfmethoden für absorbierende Spitze, die keine Arzneistoffe enthalten, und die in endodontischen Behandlungsverfahren angewandt werden, festgelegt. Die Anforderungen gelten für absorbierende Spitzen, die durch ein vom Hersteller empfohlenes Sterilisationsverfahren sterilisiert wurden. Zahnärztliche absorbierende Spitzen umfaßen genormte Stifte und kegelförmige Stifte.

Cônes absorbants a usage dentaire (ISO 7551:1996)

La présente Norme internationale fixe les prescriptions et méthodes d'essai relatives aux cônes absorbants pharmaceutiquement inertes, utilisés en endodontie. Les prescriptions s'appliquent aux cônes absorbants ayant été stérilisés une fois, selon une méthode approuvée par le fabricant. Les cônes absorbants dentaires regroupent les cônes absorbants à conicité normalisée et les cônes absorbants à conicité libre. La présente Norme internationale ne fixe pas de prescriptions ou de méthodes d'essai relatives à la stérilité et/ou l'absence de risques biologiques des cônes absorbants dentaires.

Dental absorbent points (ISO 7551:1996)

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SIST EN ISO 7551:2000
Dental absorbent points (ISO 7551:1996)
Dental absorbent points (ISO 7551:1996)
Zahnärztliche absorbierende Spitzen (ISO 7551:1996)
Cônes absorbants a usage dentaire (ISO 7551:1996)
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SIST EN ISO 7551:2000

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SIST EN ISO 7551:2000
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Dental absorbent points
CGnes absorbants ;i usage dentaire
Reference number
IS0 7551 :I 996(E)

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SIST EN ISO 7551:2000
IS0 7551:1996(E)
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SIST EN ISO 7551:2000
IS0 7551:1996(E)
@ IS0
The sizes of the absorbent points specified in this International Standard
have been aligned with the corresponding sizes for obturating points
specified in IS0 6877.
Specific qualitative and quantitative requirements for freedom from
biological hazard are not included in this International Standard, but it is
recommended that in assessing possible or toxicological hazards,
reference should be made to IS0
Dental absorbent points are used in root-canal therapy to dry root canals or
to carry medicaments into the root canal. They are therefore made of fine-
grade absorbent material with a close texture to give an essentially
smooth lint-free surface. To enable insertion into a prepared root canal, the
absorbent point must have some rigidity, be essentially straight and
circular in cross-section.

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SIST EN ISO 7551:2000
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SIST EN ISO 7551:2000
IS0 7551:1996(E)
Dental absorbent points
1 Scope
This International Standard specifies requirements and test methods for nonmedicated absorbent points used in
endodontic procedures.
The requirements apply to absorbent points which have been sterilized once in a manner approved by the
manufacturer. Dental absorbent points include standard points and taper size points.
This International Standard does not specify requirements or test methods for sterility and/or freedom from
biological hazard of dental absorbent points.
2 Normative references
The following standards contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of this
International Standard. At the time of publication, the editions indicated were valid. All standards are subject to
revision, and parties to agreements based on this International Standard are encouraged to investigate the
possibility of applying the most recent editions of the standards indicated below. Members of IEC and IS0 maintain
registers of currently valid International Standards.
IS0 3630-I :I 992, Dental root-canal instruments - Part 7: Files, reamers, barbed broaches, rasps, paste carriers,
explorers and cotton broaches.
IS0 6360-I :I 985, Dental rotary instruments - Number coding system - Part I: General characterk tics.
3 Definitions
For the purposes of this International Standard, the following definitions apply.
3.1 point: Entire dental absorbent point.
3.2 tip: Narrow end of a dental absorbent point.
3.3 unit pack: Smallest pack distributed which contains one or more dental absorbent points of one or more
3.4 standard absorbent point: Absorbent point with standardized dimensions and a standardized taper of
0,02 mm per millimetre of length.

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SIST EN ISO 7551:2000
@ IS0
IS0 7551:1996(E)
3.5 taper size absorbent point: Absorbent point with dimensions and taper at the discretion of the
4 Requirements
4.1 Dimensional requirements for standard absorbent points
The dimensions of standard absorbent points shall comply with table 1 and figure 1. Within the dimensions
specified, variations in shape and design are permitted.
Testing for compliance shall be carried out in accordance with IS0 3630-I :1992, subclause 6.2, and in accordance
with 6.2 and 6.3 of this International Standard.
The tip shall be rounded, conical or blunt. The neck may be continuously tapered or cylindrical, or a combination of
both. The dimensions shall be as shown in table 1.
4.2 Dimensional requirements for taper size points
4.2.1 General
The dimensions of taper size points shall comply with figures 1 and 2. Within the dimensional requirements,
variations in shape and design are permitted.
Taper size absorbent points may have diameters different from those in table 1. The taper shall be uniform for the
first 16 mm of length from the tip.
Measurements shall be carried out in accordance with 6.3.
Dimensions in millimetres
16 Neck
Projected diameter at the tip
diameter of the pro

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