Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN); Digital Subscriber Signalling System No. one (DSS1) protocol; Data link layer; Part 5: Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) proforma specification for the frame relay protocol

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Digitalno omrežje z integriranimi storitvami (ISDN) - Protokol digitalne naročniške signalizacije št. 1 (DSS1) - Podatkovna povezovalna plast - 5. del: Izjava o skladnosti izvedbe protokola (PICS) - Proforma specifikacije za protokol blokovnega posredovanja

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ETS 300 402-5:1998
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2003-01.Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo. Razmnoževanje celote ali delov tega standarda ni dovoljeno.URWRNROIntegrated Services Digital Network (ISDN); Digital Subscriber Signalling System No. one (DSS1) protocol; Data link layer; Part 5: Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) proforma specification for the frame relay protocol35.100.20Podatkovni povezovalni slojData link layer33.080Digitalno omrežje z integriranimi storitvami (ISDN)Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)ICS:Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z:ETS 300 402-5 Edition 1SIST ETS 300 402-5:1998en01-junij-1998SIST ETS 300 402-5:1998SLOVENSKI

SIST ETS 300 402-5:1998

EUROPEANETS 300 402-5TELECOMMUNICATIONAugust 1996STANDARDSource: ETSI TC-SPSReference: DE/SPS-05030-2ICS:33.080, 35.100.20Key words:ISDN, DSS1, layer 2, D-channel, LAPF, PICSIntegrated Services Digital Network (ISDN);Digital Subscriber Signalling System No. one (DSS1) protocol;Data link layer;Part 5: Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS)proforma specification for the frame relay protocolETSIEuropean Telecommunications Standards InstituteETSI SecretariatPostal address: F-06921 Sophia Antipolis CEDEX - FRANCEOffice address: 650 Route des Lucioles - Sophia Antipolis - Valbonne - FRANCEX.400: c=fr, a=atlas, p=etsi, s=secretariat - Internet: secretariat@etsi.frTel.: +33 92 94 42 00 - Fax: +33 93 65 47 16Copyright Notification: No part may be reproduced except as authorized by written permission. The copyright and theforegoing restriction extend to reproduction in all media.© European Telecommunications Standards Institute 1996. All rights reserved.SIST ETS 300 402-5:1998

Page 2ETS 300 402-5: August 1996Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation and publication of this document, errors in content,typographical or otherwise, may occur. If you have comments concerning its accuracy, please write to"ETSI Editing and Committee Support Dept." at the address shown on the title page.SIST ETS 300 402-5:1998

Page 3ETS 300 402-5: August 1996ContentsForeword.5Introduction.51Scope.72Normative references.73Definitions and abbreviations.73.1Definitions.73.2Abbreviations.84Conformance.8Annex A (normative):PICS proforma for ETS 300 402-3.9A.1Instructions for completing the PICS proforma.9A.1.1Purpose and structure.9A.1.2Symbols, abbreviations and conventions.9A.1.3Instructions for completing the PICS proforma.10A.2Identification of the implementation.10A.2.1Date of the statement.10A.2.2Implementation Under Test (IUT) identification.10A.2.3System Under Test (SUT) identification.11A.2.4Product supplier.11A.2.5Client.12A.2.6PICS contact person.12A.3Identification of the protocol to which this PICS proforma applies.13A.4Global statement of conformance.13A.5Protocol capabilities.13A.6Frames - protocol data units.15A.7System parameters.15Annex B (informative):Bibliography.16History.17SIST ETS 300 402-5:1998

Page 4ETS 300 402-5: August 1996Blank pageSIST ETS 300 402-5:1998

Page 5ETS 300 402-5: August 1996ForewordThis European Telecommunication Standard (ETS) has been produced by the Signalling Protocols andSwitching (SPS) Technical Committee of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).This ETS is part 5 of a multi-part standard covering the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) DigitalSubscriber Signalling System No. one (DSS1) data link layer specification as described below:Part 1:"General aspects [ITU-T Recommendation Q.920 (1993), modified]";Part 2:"General protocol specification [ITU-T Recommendation Q.921 (1993), modified]";Part 3:"Frame relay protocol specification";Part 4:"Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) proforma specification for thegeneral protocol";Part 5:"PICS proforma specification for the frame relay protocol";Part 6:"Test Suite Structure and Test Purposes (TSS&TP) specification for the general protocol";Part 7:"Abstract Test Suite (ATS) and partial Protocol Implementation eXtra Information for Testing(PIXIT) proforma specification for the general protocol".Transposition datesDate of adoption of this ETS:16 August 1996Date of latest announcement of this ETS (doa):30 November 1996Date of latest publication of new National Standardor endorsement of this ETS (dop/e):31 May 1997Date of withdrawal of any conflicting National Standard (dow):31 May 1997IntroductionTo evaluate conformance of a particular implementation, it is necessary to have a statement of whichcapabilities and options have been implemented for a given Open Systems Interconnection (OSI)protocol. Such a statement is called an Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS). An ICS statingwhat capabilities and options have been implemented for a particular protocol is called a protocol ICS.This is commonly abbreviated to "PICS".SIST ETS 300 402-5:1998

Page 6ETS 300 402-5: August 1996Blank pageSIST ETS 300 402-5:1998

Page 7ETS 300 402-5: August 19961ScopeThis fifth part of ETS 300 402 provides the Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS)proforma for the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Digital Subscriber Signalling System No. one(DSS1) data link layer frame relay protocol as specified in ETS 300 402-3 [1] in compliance with therelevant requirements and in accordance with the relevant guidance given in ISO/IEC 9646-7 [3].The supplier of an implementation that is claimed to conform to ETS 300 402-3 [1] is required to completea copy of the PICS proforma provided in annex A of this ETS.2Normative referencesThis ETS incorporates by dated and undated reference, provisions from other publications. Thesenormative references are cited at the appropriate places in the text and the publications are listedhereafter. For dated references, subsequent amendments to or revisions of any of these publicationsapply to this ETS only when incorporated in it by amendment or revision. For undated references the latestedition of the publication referred to applies.[1]ETS 300 402-3: "Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN); Digital SubscriberSignalling System No. one (DSS1) protocol; Data link layer; Part 3: Frame relayprotocol specification".[2]ISO/IEC 9646-1 (1994): "Information technology - Open SystemsInterconnection - Conformance testing methodology and framework - Part 1:General concepts".[3]ISO/IEC 9646-7 (1994): "Information technology - Open SystemsInterconnection - Conformance testing methodology and framework - Part 7:Implementation Conformance Statements".3Definitions and abbreviations3.1DefinitionsFor the purposes of this ETS, the following definitions apply, in addition to those in ETS 300 402-3 [1],ISO/IEC 9646-1 [2] and ISO/IEC 9646-7 [3]:Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS): A statement made by the supplier of an implementationor system claimed to conform to a given specification, stating which capabilities have been implemented.The ICS can take several forms: protocol ICS, profile ICS, profile specific ICS, and information object ICS(see ISO/IEC 9646-1 [2]).network: The DSS1 protocol entity at the network side of the user-network interface.Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS): An ICS for an implementation or systemclaimed to conform to a given specification (see ISO/IEC 9646-1 [2]).PICS proforma: A document, in the form of a questionnaire, which when completed for animplementation or system becomes a PICS (see ISO/IEC 9646-1 [2]).user: The DSS1 protocol entity at the user side of the user-network interface.SIST ETS 300 402-5:1998

Page 8ETS 300 402-5: August 19963.2AbbreviationsFor the purposes of this ETS, the following abbreviations apply:BECNBackward Explicit Congestion NotificationCPECustomer Premises EquipmentD/CDLCI or DL-CORE control indicatorDEDiscard Eligibility indicatorDLCIData link Connection IdentifierFCSFrame Check SequenceFECNForward Explicit Congestion NotificationFRFramesIUTImplementation Under TestingISDNIntegrated Services Digital NetworkPDUProtocol Data UnitMMandatory requirement (to be observed in all cases)N/ANot applicable, not supported or the conditions for status are not metNonot supportedOOption (may be selected to suit the implementation, provided that anyrequirements applicable to the option are observed)O.nOptions, but support required for either at least one or only one of the options inthe group labelled with the same numeral "n"OSIOpen Systems InterconnectionPCProtocol CapabilitiesPDUProtocol Data UnitPICSProtocol Implementation Conformance StatementPIXITProtocol Implementation eXtra Information for TestingSCSSystem Conformance StatementSUTSystem Under TestYessupported4ConformanceA PICS proforma that conforms to this PICS proforma specification shall be technically equivalent toannex A, and shall preserve the numbering and ordering of the items in annex A.A PICS that conforms to this PICS proforma specification shall:a)describe an implementation which conforms to ETS 300 402-3 [1];b)be a conforming PICS proforma, which has been completed in accordance with the instructions forcompletion given in clause A.1; andc)include the information necessary to uniquely identify both the supplier and the implementation.SIST ETS 300 402-5:1998

Page 9ETS 300 402-5: August 1996Annex A (normative):PICS proforma for ETS 300 402-3Notwithstanding the provisions of the copyright clause related to the text of this ETS, ETSI grants thatusers of this ETS may freely reproduce the PICS proforma in this annex so that it can be used for itsintended purposes and may further publish the completed PICS.A.1Instructions for completing the PICS proformaA.1.1Purpose and structureThe purpose of this PICS proforma is to provide a mechanism whereby a supplier of an implementation ofthe requirements defined in ETS 300 402-3 [1] may provide information in a standardized manner.The PICS proforma is subdivided into clauses as follows:A.1:instructions for completing the various parts of the PICS proforma;A.2:identification of the implementation;A.3:identification of the protocol to which this PICS proforma applies;A.4:global statement of conformance;A.5:questions about protocol capabilities;A.6:questions about supported Protocol Data Units (PDUs); andA.7:questions about system parameters.A.1.2Symbols, abbreviations and conventionsThe PICS proforma contained in this annex is comprised of information in tabular form in accordance withthe guidelines presented in ISO/IEC 9646-7 [3].Item column:The item column contains a unique reference (a mnemonic plus a number) for each item within the PICSproforma.Item description column:The item description contains a brief summary of the static requirement for which a support answer isrequired.Status column:The following notations, defined in ISO/IEC 9646-7 [3], are used for the status column:NOTE:To support a capability means that the capability is implemented in conformance toETS 300 402-3 [1].MMandatory - the capability is required to be supported.OOptional - the capability may be supported or not.O.iqualified optional - for mutually exclusive or selectable options from a set. "i" isan integer that identifies an unique group of related optional items and the logicof their selection, defined below the table.N/ANot Applicable - in the given context, it is impossible to use the capability.SIST ETS 300 402-5:1998

Page 10ETS 300 402-5: August 1996Reference column:Except where explicitly stated, the reference column refers to the appropriate parts of ETS 300 402-3 [1]describing the particular item. Note, however, that a reference merely indicates the place where the coreof a description of an item can be found. Any additional information contained in ETS 300 402-3 [1] has tobe taken into account when making a statement about the conformance of that particular item.Support column:The following notation, defined in ISO/IEC 9646-7 [3], is used for the support column:[ ] Yes [ ] NoTick "Yes" if item is supported, tick "No" if item is not supported.[ ] N/ATick "N/A" if the item is "not applicable".A.1.3Instructions for completing the PICS proformaThe supplier of the implementation shall complete the PICS proforma. For each row in each PICSproforma table the supplier shall enter an explicit answer (i.e., by ticking the appropriate "Yes", "No", or"N/A" in each of the support column boxes provided). Where a support column box is left blank, or whereit is marked "N/A" without any tick box, no answer is required. If necessary, the supplier may enteradditional comments at the end of each table, or separately.More detailed instructions may be found at t

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