This document defines the minimum requirements for treatment systems, which generate the active substance - "Active chlorine" - from sodium chloride by electrolysis for on-site (in-situ) operation.
The in-situ generated active substance (IGAS), in this case active chlorine, may be put into a solution ("off-line") or directly generated in the pipes ("in-line").
This document specifies the device construction, and test methods for the equipment used for in-situ generation of active chlorine. It specifies requirements for instructions for installation, operation, maintenance, safety and for documentation to be provided with the product.
The in-situ generation of active substances and the placing of their precursors on the EU market are subject to the specifications of the Biocidal Products Regulation (EU) 528/2012 ["Biocidal products"]. Active substances, generated by devices, which are claiming compliance with this document, shall comply with the BPR for both the registered active chlorine, quality standards and the precursor in accordance with appropriate application and "Product Type" as listed in the BPR.
This standard does not identify applications for in situ devices for generation of active chlorine. The range of applications for in-situ generation of chlorine is diverse. It is the responsibility of the economic operator/product supplier, claiming compliance with this standard, to identify the appropriate system type and operating conditions for the specific application and to:
-   specify the quality of the biocide appropriate to the application. This may be defined in national or international standards;
-   specify the appropriate product type (see Clause 7) and operating conditions (concentration, dosage rate and quality of the active chlorine);
-   specify any other regulatory requirements relevant to the specific application;
-   specify the appropriate precursor sodium chloride, for the application;
-   and to label the product accordingly.

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