This document is applicable to the following groups of machines:
-   powered hand strapping tools;
-   semi-automatic strapping machines;
-   automatic strapping machines.
This document does not apply to:
-   strapping tools, where the strap tension is only applied by manual effort;
-   machines, intended for use with paper strap;
-   hand-held motor-operated electric strapping tools.
NOTE   For hand-held motor-operated electric strapping tools see EN 60745-2-18:2009 and EN 62841-1:2015.
This document deals with safety requirements for machine design, transport, installation, commissioning, operation, adjustment, maintenance and cleaning. The extent to which hazards, hazardous situations and events are covered is indicated in Annex A.
This document does not consider the following hazards:
-   the use of strapping machines in potentially explosive atmosphere;
-   the health, safety or hygiene hazards associated with the products that may be handled by the machines, but does include general advice on this subject;
-   hazards that are associated with decommissioning strapping machines.
Hazards associated with decommissioning of strapping machines are not considered and therefore excluded but are generally part of the instruction manual (see Clause 6), together with suited measures, if necessary.

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