This document informs users about the source materials that have been considered in the development of the aggregate standards:
-   EN 12620 'Aggregates for concrete';
-   EN 13043 'Aggregates for bituminous mixtures and surface treatments for roads, airfields and other trafficked are-as';
-   EN 13139 'Aggregates for mortar';
-   EN 13242 'Aggregates for unbound and hydraulically bound materials for use in civil engineering work and road construction';
-   EN 13383-1 'Armourstone - Part 1: Product standard';
-   EN 13450 'Aggregates for railway ballast';
-   EN 13055 'Lightweight aggregates';
Only source materials with a history of use in one or more member states are included in this document. It also specifies source material with a history of use for the scope of only one specific aggregate standard.

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