This document contains technical safety requirements for the design, equipment and testing of brushless vehicle washing systems and vehicle washing systems with brushes for, indoor and outdoor operation, i.e. roll-over vehicle washing systems, vehicle washing tunnels, manually movable vehicle washing facilities.
This document does not apply to hand-guided high pressure cleaners which are covered by
EN 60335 2-79:2012, to water recycling systems, buildings and doors for entering the traffic zone, for powered ride-on machines and powered walk-behind machines with a traction drive.
NOTE   Signals (example doors, lighting systems) can be provided by the vehicle washing system.
This document contains requirements for the protection of persons and objects from accidents and damages during use and operation of vehicle washing systems.
Persons to be protected are:
-   operators,
-   maintenance and monitoring personnel,
-   persons in the vicinity of vehicle washing systems,
-   persons sitting in the vehicle during cleaning.
Objects to be protected are:
-   vehicles.
Significant hazards associated with vehicle washing systems are listed in Clause 4. These hazards have been established by a risk assessment according to EN ISO 12100 and require measures to eliminate the hazard or to reduce the risk. These measures are specified in Clause 5 of this document.
The safety requirements assume that vehicle washing systems are regularly maintained by trained and competent persons according to the manufacturer's information and that the operators, with the exception of users of self-service washing systems, have been instructed in the handling of vehicle washing systems.

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