IEC TS 63350:2022 specifies generic requirements for creating a digital system that is used for measuring the characteristics of visually detectable performance, such as browning intensity and lightness.
It defines the metrological requirements of this digital system and demonstrates the procedures for compliance. The digital system contains the measuring instrument, the software, and the reference materials necessary to realize the measurement process.
References to this document can be made by a customer when specifying the digital system and by the suppliers when specifying products offered.
Interested parties can agree to use this document as an input for satisfying measurement management system requirements in any activities.
The principles of ISO 10012 are followed to ensure the capability of the systems.
Currently, this document focuses on test methods described in IEC 60350-1 and IEC 60350-2 but further applications based on visually detectable performance criteria might be supplemented.

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