IEC 63218:2021 provides requirements and recommendations on environmental aspects of secondary lithium, nickel cadmium and nickel-metal hydride cells and batteries for portable applications (hereafter referred to as “relevant secondary cells and batteries”).
Relevant secondary cells and batteries are specified within the scopes of IEC 61960-3, IEC 61960-4, IEC 61951-1, and IEC 61951-2.
NOTE Portable applications are defined in IEC 61960-3 as comprising hand-held equipment, transportable equipment, and movable equipment. See IEC 61960-3 for examples.
This document is not intended to be applied to batteries embedded in end-use products. Once the embedded battery is removed from an end-use product, this document becomes applicable to it.
The safety and control circuits as well as cases associated with relevant secondary batteries, except for those forming part of an end-use product, are covered by this document as parts of the relevant secondary batteries.

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