The present document contains harmonized definitions and measurement methods for a range of user perceivable Quality of Service (QoS) parameters for the voice telephony service. The set of parameters have been produced in response to the ONP Voice Telephony Directive 98/10/EC. The present document addresses the parameters listed in annex 3 of the Directive.The purpose of these parameters is to define objective and comparable measures of the QoS delivered to
users/customers for use by NRAs as set out in the Directive. The establishment of target values for QoS is beyond the scope of the present document. The Quality of Service parameters apply to the services governed by the Voice Telephony Directive (98/10/EC [1]), i.e. fixed public telephone services, irrespective of the network technology chosen by the service provider, e.g. PSTN,
ISDN or other technology, and the destination of the call. The parameters specified apply to fixed public telephony services irrespective of whether supplementary services are offered, subscribed to or invoked for a particular call. Annex E provides a proforma for the provision of statistics to an NRA.

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