Home and Building Electronic Systems (HBES) - Part 7-1: System management - Management procedures

This international standard establishes general principles for network- and device-management shared by and independent of the installation mode. The goal is to standardize the interaction, between a management client and a management server, that shall lead to the successful configuration of the devices. In this way, these management procedures thus specify the highest level communication requirements between a management client and a management server. These requirements specify: a) the sequence of messages that shall be exchanged between a management client and a management server, and b) the contents and interpretation of the transported data, and c) the action to take based on these data (setting internal resources, state machines, physical actions, …), and d) the error and exception handling. The management procedures base on the application layer services. Some management procedures solely base on the use of one or a sequence of dedicated application layer services to achieve the required goal. For these, the documents EN 50090-4-1 and EN 50090-4-2 provide sufficient information for the underlying mechanisms. Other management procedures additionally use the application layer services to access internal data in the management server to achieve the required goal. These data are laid down as objects as specified in EN 50090 3 2.

Elektrische Systemtechnik für Heim und Gebäude (ESHG) - Teil 7-1: Systemmanagement - Managementverfahren

Systèmes électroniques pour les foyers domestiques et les bâtiments (HBES) - Partie 7-1: Management système - Procédures de management

Stanovanjski in stavbni elektronski sistemi (HBES) – 7-1. del: Upravljanje sistema – Upravljalni proces

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SLOVENSKI SIST EN 50090-7-1:2005

september 2005
Stanovanjski in stavbni elektronski sistemi (HBES) – 7-1. del: Upravljanje
sistema – Upravljalni proces
Home and Building Electronic Systems (HBES) – Part 7-1: System management –
Management procedures
ICS 97.120 Referenčna številka
SIST EN 50090-7-1:2005(en)
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ICS 97.120 Supersedes R205-011:1996

English version

Home and Building Electronic Systems (HBES)
Part 7-1: System management -
Management procedures

Systèmes électroniques pour les foyers Elektrische Systemtechnik für Heim
domestiques et les bâtiments (HBES) und Gebäude (ESHG)
Partie 7-1: Management système - Teil 7-1: Systemmanagement -
Procédures de management Managementverfahren

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Ref. No. EN 50090-7-1:2004 E

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EN 50090-7-1:2004 – 2 –
Foreword .7
1 Scope.8
2 Normative references.9
3 Terms and definitions and abbreviations.9
3.1 Terms and definitions .9
3.2 Abbreviations.11
4 Network management procedures .11
4.1 General.11
4.2 NM_IndividualAddress_Read.12
4.2.1 Description.12
4.2.2 Used management service .12
4.2.3 Sequence.12
4.2.4 Exception handling .12
4.3 NM_IndividualAddress_Write.12
4.3.1 Description.12
4.3.2 Used management services.13
4.3.3 Sequence.13
4.3.4 Exception handling .14
4.4 NM_SerialNumberDefaultIA_Scan.15
4.4.1 Description.

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