Evaluation and qualification of electrical insulation systems

IEC 60505:2011 establishes the basis for estimating the ageing of electrical insulation systems (EIS) under conditions of either electrical, thermal, mechanical, environmental stresses or combinations of these (multifactor stresses). It specifies the principles and procedures that shall be followed, during the development of EIS functional test and evaluation procedures, to establish the estimated service life for a specific EIS. This standard should be used by all IEC technical committees responsible for equipment having an EIS. The main change with respect to the previous edition is that Annex A: Glossary is now available in an Internet version as well as a hardcopy version. The internet version contains an abridged text version and a multimedia supplement.

Bewertung und Kennzeichnung von elektrischen Isoliersystemen

Evaluation et qualification des systèmes d'isolation électrique

La CEI 60505:2011 établit les bases de l'estimation du vieillissement des systèmes d'isolation électrique (SIE) dans des conditions de contraintes électriques, thermiques, mécaniques, environnementales ou de combinaisons de ces contraintes (contraintes multifactorielles). Elle spécifie les principes et les procédures qui doivent être suivis, au cours du développement d'essais fonctionnels ou de procédures d'évaluation des SIE, pour établir la durée de vie estimée d'un SIE spécifique. Il convient que tous les comités d'études de la CEI responsables de matériels ayant un SIE utilisent la présente norme. La principale modification par rapport à l'édition précédente est que l'Annexe A: Glossaire, est désormais disponible en version internet ainsi qu'en version imprimée. Cette version internet consiste en une version textuelle abrégée et un complément multimédia.

Vrednotenje in kvalificiranje električnih izolacijskih sistemov

Ta mednarodni standard vzpostavlja osnovo za ocenjevanje staranja električnih izolacijskih sistemov (EIA) pod pogoji električnega, toplotnega, mehanskega ali okoljskega stresa ali kombinacije navedenih (večfaktorski stresi) dejavnikov. Določa načela in postopke, ki se morajo upoštevati med razvojem postopkov funkcijskega preskušanja in vrednotenja EIS, da se oceni življenjska doba določenega EIS. Ta standard morajo uporabljati vsi tehnični odbori IEC, odgovorni za opremo, ki vsebuje EIS.

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SIST EN 60505:2011
Evaluation and qualification of electrical insulation systems
Bewertung und Kennzeichnung von elektrischen Isoliersystemen
Evaluation et qualification des systèmes d'isolation électrique
Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z: EN 60505:2011
29.080.30 Izolacijski sistemi Insulation systems
SIST EN 60505:2011 en
2003-01.Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo. Razmnoževanje celote ali delov tega standarda ni dovoljeno.

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SIST EN 60505:2011

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SIST EN 60505:2011

EN 60505

August 2011

ICS 29.080.30 Supersedes EN 60505:2004

English version

Evaluation and qualification of electrical insulation systems
(IEC 60505:2011)

Evaluation et qualification des systèmes Bewertung und Kennzeichnung von
d'isolation électrique elektrischen Isoliersystemen
(CEI 60505:2011) (IEC 60505:2011)

This European Standard was approved by CENELEC on 2011-08-15. CENELEC members are bound to comply
with the CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations which stipulate the conditions for giving this European Standard
the status of a national standard without any alteration.

Up-to-date lists and bibliographical references concerning such national standards may be obtained on
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Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization
Comité Européen de Normalisation Electrotechnique
Europäisches Komitee für Elektrotechnische Normung

Management Centre: Avenue Marnix 17, B - 1000 Brussels

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Ref. No. EN 60505:2011 E

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SIST EN 60505:2011
EN 60505:2011 - 2 -
The text of document 112/174/FDIS, future edition 4 of IEC 60505, prepared by IEC TC 112, Evaluation
and qualification of electrical insulating materials and systems, was submitted to the IEC-CENELEC
parallel vote and approved by CENELEC as EN 60505:2011.
The following dates are fixed:
(dop) 2012-05-15
• latest date by which the document has
to be implemented at national level by
publication of an identical national
standard or by endorsement
• latest date by which the national (dow) 2014-08-15
standards conflicting with the
document have to be withdrawn

This document supersedes EN 60505:2004.

The main change with respect to EN 60505:2004 is that Annex A: Glossary is now available in an Internet
version (http://std.iec.ch/iec60505) as well as a hardcopy version. The internet version contains an
abridged text version and a multimedia supplement.

Attention is drawn to the possibility that some of the elements of this document may be the subject of
patent rights. CENELEC [and/or CEN] shall not be held responsible for identifying any or all such patent

Endorsement notice
The text of the International Standard IEC 60505:2011 was approved by CENELEC as a European
Standard without any modification.
In the official version, for Bibliography, the following notes have to be added for the standards indicated:
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SIST EN 60505:2011
- 3 - EN 60505:2011
IEC 60371-2 NOTE  Harmonized as

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