Criteria for accident monitoring instrumentation for nuclear power generating stations

IEC 63147:2017(E) contains the functional and design criteria for accident monitoring instrumentation for new plant designs and nuclear power generating stations desiring to perform design modifications. The purpose of this standard is to establish selection, design, performance, qualification, and display criteria for accident monitoring instrumentation for anticipated operational occurrences, design basis events, and severe accidents.
This standard applies to accident monitoring instrumentation intended for use during the following operations:
- As required for planned operator action related to accident mitigation,
- For assessing plant conditions, safety system performance, and making decisions related to plant response to abnormal events,
- For achieving and maintaining safe shutdown following an accident
This standard does not apply to the following:
- Accident monitoring instrumentation that is intended solely for historical recording or solely for maintenance purposes
- Other instrumentation that may be available during accident conditions.
This standard is an adoption of IEEE 497-2016 by IEC.
When applied in an IAEA / IEC environment this standard is to be used in conjunction with IEC TR 63123.

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IEC 63147

Edition 1.0 2017-12

IEEE Std 497


Criteria for accident monitoring instrumentation for nuclear power generating

IEC 63147:2017-12(en)  IEEE Std 497-2016

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IEC 63147


Edition 1.0 2017-12

IEEE Std 497™


Criteria for accident monitoring instrumentation for nuclear power generating





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IEEE Std 497-2016
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