Building construction machinery and equipment -- Classification

Contains a classification of machines and equipment used in the building field. This field is divided into seven classes of traditional and specified use and the different machines are classified accordingly.

Machines et matériels pour la construction des bâtiments -- Classification

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Technical report
ISO/TR 12603:1996 - Building construction machinery and equipment -- Classification
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Building construction machinery and
equipment - Classification
Machines et ma t&iels pour la construction des biitimen ts - Classification
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ISO/TR 12603: 1996(E)
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lSO/TR 12603: 1996(E)
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lSO/TR 12603, which is a Technical Report of type 2, was prepared by
Technical Committee lSO/TC 195, Building construction machinery and
This document is being issued in the Technical Report (type 2) series of
publications (according to subclause G.3.2.2 of part 1 of the lSO/lEC Di-
rectives, 1995) as a “prospective standard for provisional application” in
the field of building construction machinery and equipment because there
is an urgent need for guidance on how standards in this field should be
used to meet an identified need.
0 IS0 1996

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0 IS0
ISO/TR 12603:1996(E)
This document is not to be regarded as an “International Standard”. It is
proposed for provisional application so that information and experience of
its use in practice may be gathered. Comments on the content of this
document should be sent to the IS0 Central Secretariat.
A review of this Technical Report (type 2) will be carried out not later than
three years after its publication with the options of: extension for another
three years; conversion into an International Standard; or withdrawal.
Annex A of this Technical Report is for information only.
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ISO/TR 12603:1996(E)
Building construction machinery and equipment -
1 Scope

This Technical Report specifies a classification of machines and equipment used in the building and construction

field. This field is divided into seven classes of traditional and specified use and the different machines are

classified accordingly. As far as possible, the sub-classes of the machines and equipment comply with both pub-

lished and draft European and International Standards.

Additionally, the classification tables show the IS0 and CEN Technical Committees and Working Groups respon-

sible for the International and European Standards related to each class.
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lSO/TR 12603:1996(E)
2 Classification
International CEN Technical European
Earth-moving machinery and IS0 Technical
Committee Standard Committee Standard
TC 127 IS0 6747 TC 151/WG 1 EN 474-2
1 .I Dozers (tractors)
1 .I .I Wheel dozers
1 .I .2 Crawler dozers
TC 127 IS0 7131 TC 151/WG 1 EN 474-3
1.2 Loaders
1.2.1 Wheel loaders
1.2.2 Crawler loaders
1.2.3 Digging arm loaders
TC 151/WG 1 EN 474-4
1.3 Backhoe loaders TC 127 lSO/CD 8812
1.3.1 Wheel backhoe loaders
1.3.2 Crawler backhoe loaders
1.4 Excavators TC 127 TC 15l/WG 1
lSO/DlS 7135 prEN 474-5
1.4.1 Hydraulic excavators
1.4.2 Cable excavators
1.4.3 Wheel excavators
1.4.4 Bucket chain excavators
1.4.5 Others
TC 127 IS0 7132 TC 151/WG 1 prEN 474-6
1.5 Dumpers
1.5.1 Articulated steer dumpers
1.5.2 Rigid frame dumpers
1.5.3 Site (dumpers) carriers
1.5.4 Crawler dumpers
scrapers TC 127 IS0 7133 TC 151/WG 1 prEN 474-7
1.6 Tractors
1.6.1 Articulated steer
1.6.2 Wheel steer
IS0 7134 TC 151/WG 1 prEN 474-8
1.7 Graders TC 127
1.7.1 Articulated steer
1.7.2 Wheel steer
1 prEN 474-l 0
1.8 Trenchers TC 127 TC 151/WG
Pipelayers TC 127 TC 151/WG 1 prEN 474-9
1 .I 0
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0 IS0 lSO/TR 12603:1996(E)
Foundation engineering and soil
2 compaction machinery and
prEN 996
2.1 Piling and extracting equipment TC 195 1 TC151/WG2 1
I--- I I
2.1 .I Pile drivers (rammers)
2.1.2 Extracting equipment
2.1.3 Sounding equipment
TC 195 TC 151/WG 2
Drrllrng and bonng equipment
TC 127’) TC 151//G 3
EN 791
2.2.1 Drill rigs TC 151/WG 3 (
2.2.2 Soil drill rigs TC 15l/WG 3
2.2.3 Diaphragm wall cutters TC 151//G 2
TC 127
2.3 Rollers TC 15l/WG 5 prEN 500
2.3.1 Smooth drum rollers
2.3.2 Pneumatic tyred rollers
2.3.3 Combination rollers
2.4 Compactors TC 127 TC 151/WG 1 prEN 474-l 1
2.4.1 Rammers, compactors and vi- TC 151/WG 5 EN 500-4
brating tampers
2.4.2 Vibrating plate compactors TC 15l/WG 5
2.5 Others TC 151/WG 5
1) Horizontal drilling and boring equipment.
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0 IS0
ISO/TR 12603: 1996(E)
Machinery and equipment for

manufacturing, transporting and IS0 Technical International CEN Technical European

processing concrete and mortar and Committee Standard Committee Standard
for reinforcement and formwork
3.1 Equipment for storage of materials TC 195 TC 148/WG 4 1
3.2 Batching and mixing equipment TC 195 TC 151/WG 8
3.2.1 Concrete mixers
3.2.2 Mortar mixers
3.3 Transporting equipment (including TC 195
TC 195
3.3.1 Concrete pumps TC 151/WG 8’) 1
3.3.2 Mortar pumps TC 195
3.3.3 Conveyors TC 101
TC 101
3.3.4 Elevators
3.4 Spreading and grouting equipment TC 195
3.4.1 Concrete spraying machines
3.4.2 Injection equipment
3.5 Compaction and finishing equipment TC 195
3.5.1 Concrete compactors
3.5.2 Finishing coat machines TC 15l/WG 8
3.6 Formworks and moulds TC 195
3.7 Machinery and equipment for re- TC 195 TC 151/WG
inforcement work
3.7.1 Steel bar bending/cutting ma-
3.7.2 Steel mesh bending/cutting ma-
1 3.8 Prestressing equipment I TC 195 1 1 TC 15l/WG 10 (
3.9 Demolition equipment TC 195 TC 151/WG 14
3.10 Equipment for removing and recycling TC 195 TC 151/WG 9
concrete TC151/WG14
3.11 Machines and equipment for aggregate TC 195
3.11 .I Crushing equipment
3.11.2 Screening equipment
3.11.3 Washing equipment
3.11.4 Conveying equipment
3.11.5 Others
3.12 Others TC 195
1 1) Pumps
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0 IS0
lSO/TR 12603:1996(E)
Lifting and access machinery and IS0 Technical International C

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