Measurement of multiphase fluid flow

This document establishes a common basis for, and assistance in, the classification of applications and multiphase meters, as well as guidance and recommendations for the implementation and use of such meters. The so-called in-line multiphase flow meters (MPFMs) that directly measure the oil, water and gas flow rates, as well as the partial- and full-separation MPFMs are the main focus of this document. Conventional two- or three-phase separators are not included in this document. Only limited reference is made to wet-gas meters, since although wet-gas flow is a subset of multiphase flow, wet-gas measurement is covered by ISO/TR 11583 and ISO/TR 12748.

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Technical specification
ISO/TS 21354:2020 - Measurement of multiphase fluid flow
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Measurement of multiphase fluid flow
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ISO/TS 21354:2020(E)
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ISO/TS 21354:2020(E)

Contents Page
Foreword .vi
Introduction .vii
1 Scope . 1
2 Normative references . 1
3 Terms and definitions . 1
3.1 Terms related to multiphase flow metering . 1
3.2 Terms related to metrology. 7
4 Symbols and subscripts .10
4.1 Symbols .10
4.2 Colours and symbols used in schematic drawings .10
5 Multiphase flow .11
5.1 General .11
5.2 Multiphase flow regime maps .12
5.2.1 General.12
5.2.2 Vertical flows .12
5.2.3 Horizontal flows .13
5.3 Slip effects .14
5.4 Classification of multiphase flows .15
6 Aims of multiphase flow measurement .16
6.1 General .

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