Information technology — Print cartridge characterization — Part 1: General: terms, symbols, notations and cartridge characterization framework

ISO/IEC 29142-1:2013 establishes terms, symbols, notations and a framework for characterizing toner and ink cartridges used in printing devices that have a digital input printing path, including multi-function devices. It is intended for equipment used in office environments. It primarily provides a foundation for measuring, evaluating, or specifying characteristics of such toner and ink cartridges. The terms, symbols, notations and framework established in ISO/IEC 29142-1:2013 can be applied to such cartridges. The characterizations associated with the terms, symbols, notations, and framework established in ISO/IEC 29142-1:2013 are specified throughout the ISO/IEC 29142 series.

Technologies de l'information — Caractérisation de cartouche d'impression — Partie 1: Généralités: termes, symboles, notations et cadre de travail de caractérisation de cartouche

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