Tungsten halogen lamps (non-vehicle) - Performance specifications (IEC 60357:2002/A3:2011)

Amandma A3:2011 je dodatek k standardu SIST EN 60357:2004.
This International Standard specifies the performance requirements for single-capped and double-capped tungsten halogen lamps, having rated voltages of up to 250 V, used for the following applications:
- Projection (including cinematograph and still projection)
- Photographic (including studio)
- Floodlighting
- Special purpose
- General purpose
- Stage lighting
For some of the requirements given in this standard reference is made to "the relevant data sheet". For some lamps these data sheets are contained in this standard. For other lamps, falling under the scope of this standard, the relevant data are supplied by the lamp manufacturer or responsible vendor. The requirements of this standard relate only to type testing.
NOTE The requirements and tolerances permitted by this standard correspond to testing of a type test sample, submitted by the manufacturer for that purpose. In principle this type test sample should consist of units having characteristics typical of the manufacturer's production and being as close to the production centre point values as possible.
It may be expected with the tolerances given in the standard that products manufactured in accordance with the type test sample will comply with the standard for the majority of production. Due to the production spread however, it is inevitable that there will sometimes be products outside the specified tolerances. For guidance on sampling plans and procedures for inspection by attributes, see IEC 60410.

Halogen-Glühlampen (Fahrzeuglampen ausgenommen) - Anforderungen an die Arbeitsweise (IEC 60357:2002/A3:2011)

Lampes tungstène-halogène (véhicules exceptés) - Prescriptions de performances (CEI 60357:2002/A3:2011)

Volframove halogenske sijalke (ne za vozila) - Tehnične specifikacije - Dopolnilo A3 (IEC 60357:2002/A3:2011)

Amandma A3:2011 je dodatek k standardu SIST EN 60357:2004.
Ta mednarodni standard določa zahteve delovanja za volframove halogenske sijalke z enim ali dvema vznožkoma, ki imajo ocenjene napetosti do 250 V in so namenjene naslednji uporabi:
- projekciji (vključno s filmsko in nepremično projekcijo);
- fotografiji (vključno s studijsko);
- reflektorjem;
- posebnim namenom;
- splošnim namenom;
- razsvetljavi odra.
Za nekatere zahteve, podane v tem standardu, je podana referenca do »pomembnih tehničnih podatkov«. Za nekatere sijalke so ti tehnični podatki navedeni v tem standardu. Za druge sijalke na področja uporabe tega standarda je pomembne podatke podal proizvajalec sijalk ali odgovorni prodajalec. Zahteve tega standarda se nanašajo samo na tipsko preskušanje.
OPOMBA: Zahteve in tolerance, ki jih dovoljuje ta standard, ustrezajo preskušanju tipskega preskusnega vzorca, ki ga za ta namen predloži proizvajalec. Načelno mora biti ta tipski preskusni vzorec sestavljen iz enot, ki imajo lastnosti, značilne za proizvajalčevo proizvodnjo, in so, kolikor je le mogoče, blizu vrednostim osrednje točke proizvodnje.
Lahko pričakujemo, da bodo ob tolerancah, podanih v tem standardu, proizvodi proizvedeni v skladu s tipskim preskusnim vzorcem ustrezali standardu za večino proizvodnje. Zaradi širjenja proizvodnje je neizogibno, da so včasih proizvodi zunaj določenih toleranc. Za smernice pri vzorčnih načrtih in postopkih za pregled po atributih glej IEC 60410.

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SIST EN 60357:2004/A3:2011


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Tungsten halogen lamps (non-vehicle) - Performance specifications (IEC
Halogen-Glühlampen (Fahrzeuglampen ausgenommen) - Anforderungen an die
Arbeitsweise (IEC 60357:2002/A3:2011)

Lampes tungstène-halogène (véhicules exceptés) - Prescriptions de performances (CEI

Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z: EN 60357:2003/A3:2011
29.140.20 Žarnice z žarilno nitko Incandescent lamps
SIST EN 60357:2004/A3:2011 en

2003-01.Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo. Razmnoževanje celote ali delov tega standarda ni dovoljeno.

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SIST EN 60357:2004/A3:2011
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SIST EN 60357:2004/A3:2011
EN 60357/A3
April 2011
ICS 29.140.20
English version
Tungsten halogen lamps (non-vehicle) -
Performance specifications
(IEC 60357:2002/A3:2011)
Lampes tungstène-halogène (véhicules Halogen-Glühlampen (Fahrzeuglampen
exceptés) - ausgenommen) -
Prescriptions de performances Anforderungen an die Arbeitsweise
(CEI 60357:2002/A3:2011) (IEC 60357:2002/A3:2011)

This amendment A3 modifies the European Standard EN 60357:2003; it was approved by CENELEC on

2011-03-03. CENELEC members are bound to comply with the CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations which

stipulate the conditions for giving this amendment the status of a national standard without any alteration.

Up-to-date lists and bibliographical references concerning such national standards may be obtained on

application to the Central Secretariat or to any CENELEC member.

This amendment exists in three official versions (English, French, German). A version in any other language

made by translation under the responsibility of a CENELEC member into its own language and notified to the

Central Secretariat has the same status as the official versions.

CENELEC members are the national electrotechnical committees of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus,

the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy,

Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia,

Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization
Comité Européen de Normalisation Electrotechnique
Europäisches Komitee für Elektrotechnische Normung
Management Centre: Avenue Marnix 17, B - 1000 Brussels

© 2011 CENELEC - All rights of exploitation in any form and by any means reserved worldwide for CENELEC members.

Ref. No. EN 60357:2003/A3:2011 E
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SIST EN 60357:2004/A3:2011
EN 60357:2003/A3:2011 - 2 -

The text of document 34A/1394/CDV, future amendment 3 to IEC 60357:2002, prepared by SC 34A,

Lamps, of IEC TC 34, Lamps and related equipment, was submitted to the IEC-CENELEC parallel vote

and was approved by CENELEC as amendment A3 to EN 60357:2003 on 2011-03-03.

Attention is drawn to the possibility that some of the elements of this document may be the subject of

patent rights. CEN and CENELEC shall not be held responsible for identifying any or all such patent

The following dates were fixed:
– latest date by which the amendment has to be
implemented at national level by publication of
(dop) 2011-12-03
an identical national standard or by endorsement
– latest date by which the national standards conflicting
(dow) 2014-03-03
with the amendment have to be withdrawn
Endorsement notice

The text of amendment 3:2011 to the International Standard IEC 60357:2002 was approved by

CENELEC as an amendment to the European Standard without any modification.
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SIST EN 60357:2004/A3:2011
IEC 60357
Edition 3.0 2011-01
The sheets contained in this amendment are to be inserted in IEC 60357
Les feuilles de cet amendement sont à insérer dans la CEI 60357
Tungsten halogen lamps (non-vehicle) – Performance specifications
Lampes tungstène-halogène (véhicules exceptés) – Prescriptions de
ICS 29.140.20 ISBN 978-2-88912-332-2
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SIST EN 60357:2004/A3:2011
60357 Amend. 3 © IEC:2011

This amendment has been prepared by subcommittee 34A: Lamps, of IEC technical committee

34: Lamps and related equipment.
The text of this amendment is based on the following documents:
CDV Report on voting
34A/1394/CDV 34A/1437/RVC

Full information on the voting for the approval of this amendment can be found in t


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