This European Standard gives general guidelines for the hydraulic placement of extractive wastes applicable, in particular, to the extractive industries.
The scope of this European Standard includes any dam, confining embankment or other structure serving to contain, retain, confine or otherwise support such wastes on surface in a terrestrial environment.  
This standard therefore addresses the characterisation of the extractive waste for the purposes of hydraulic placement in the MWF both as part of the confining embankment and for safe storage, and in addition:
- specifies minimum requirements for the data to be acquired before the design and execution stage of a hydraulic fill project;
- provides guidelines for the selection of the type of confining embankment appropriate for the selected site;
- provides guidelines for the selection and characterisation of the construction materials;
- establishes general principles on how to design and execute the hydraulic fill project from pre deposition through operation to closure and rehabilitation;
- provides guidelines for monitoring and quality control of all stages of the hydraulic fill project to ensure long-term safety and stability.

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