This Technical Report sets out guidance for the selection, use, care and maintenance of clothing and related items of personal protective equipment designed to prevent hazards caused by static electricity in hazardous areas.
Static electricity should not be confused with mains supply electricity, or other forms of electric current; the requirements for protection against static electricity are different to the requirements for protection against hazards associated with electric current. Protection against electrostatic risks should not be confused with protection against electric arc; the former is concerned with electrical properties and the latter is concerned with heat, flame and projectile protection.
Directive 89/686/EEC requires that PPE intended for use in explosive atmospheres must be so designed and manufactured that it cannot be the source of an electric, electrostatic or impact-induced arc or spark likely to cause an explosive mixture to ignite. Whereas this Technical Report addresses electrostatic ignition risks, it does not address other possible sources of ignition. Nevertheless, other possible sources of ignition are required to be considered when certifying PPE to the requirements of Directive 89/686/EEC.
NOTE   EN 13463-1 gives guidance on assessing possible ignition sources in non-electrical equipment that may be used for some items of PPE.

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