This document specifies general requirements for the construction, testing and performance of electrically operated refrigerant fixed gas detection equipment in safety applications. This document will not specify requirements for portable locating leak detectors for refrigerant application as already covered by EN 14624:2012. This document is applicable to equipment whose primary purpose is to provide an indication, alarm and/or other output function to warn of the presence of refrigerant gases in an industrial or commercial environment and, in some cases, to initiate automatic or manual protective actions. It is applicable to equipment in which the sensor automatically generates an electrical signal when gas is present. This standard does not apply to gas detection equipment: — for non-refrigerant application; — used for air pollution monitoring; — sampling systems, which are not integral part of the gas detection equipment; — open path gas detection; — residential applications; — process control; — for applications in mines; — portable locating leak detectors for refrigerant application.

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