IEC TS 62607-6-14:2020 establishes a standardized method to determine the structural key control characteristic
• defect level
for powders consisting of graphene-based material by
• Raman spectroscopy.
The defect level is derived by the intensity ratio of the D+D′ band and 2D band in Raman spectrum, ID+D′/I2D.
• The defect level determined in accordance with this document will be listed as a key control characteristic in the blank detail specification for graphene IEC 62565-3-1 for graphene powder.
• The method is applicable for graphene powder or graphene-based material, e.g. reduced graphene oxide (rGO), bilayer graphene, trilayer graphene and few-layer graphene.
• Typical application areas are quality control and classification for graphene manufacturers, and product selection for downstream users.
• The method described in this document is appropriate if the physical form of graphene is powder.

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