Environmental testing - Part 2-86: Tests - Test Fx: Vibration - Multi-exciter and multi-axis method

IEC 60068-2-86:2024 provides a test procedure for use with multi-exciter and multi-axis vibration test systems. The vibration test is intended for general application to components, equipment, and other products, hereinafter referred to as "specimens", subjected to dynamic environments that could arise during an equipment life cycle. Although this document is mainly intended for vibration testing, the procedure is also applied to certain types of shock and transient tests.

Umgebungseinflüsse - Teil 2-86: Prüfverfahren - Prüfung Fx: Vibration - Multi-Erreger- und Mehrachsenverfahren

Essais d'environnement - Partie 2-86: Essais - Essai Fx: Vibrations - Méthode par excitateurs multiples et axes multiples

L'IEC 60068-2-86:2024 fournit une procédure d'essai à utiliser avec les systèmes d'essai de vibrations à excitateurs multiples/à axes multiples. Ces essais de vibrations sont destinés à une application générale pour les composants, matériels et autres produits, dénommés ci-après "spécimens", soumis à des sollicitations dynamiques susceptibles de se produire au cours de leur cycle de vie. Même si le présent document est essentiellement destiné aux essais de vibrations, la procédure est également appliquée à certains types d'essais de chocs et de conditions transitoires.

Okoljsko preskušanje - 2-86. del: Preskusi - Preskus Fx: Vibracije - Metoda z večkratnim vzbujanjem in več osmi (IEC 60068-2-86:2024)

Standard IEC 60068-2-86:2024 vsebuje preskusni postopek za uporabo s sistemi za vibracijsko preskušanje z večkratnim vzbujanjem in več osmi. Vibracijski preskus je namenjen za splošno uporabo na komponentah, opremi in drugih izdelkih (v nadaljevanju »vzorci«), ki so izpostavljeni dinamičnim okoljem, ki se lahko pojavijo med življenjskim ciklom opreme. Čeprav je ta dokument namenjen predvsem za vibracijske preskuse, se postopek uporablja tudi za nekatere vrste udarnih in prehodnih preskusov.

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Okoljsko preskušanje - 2-86. del: Preskusi - Preskus Fx: Vibracije - Metoda z
večkratnim vzbujanjem in več osmi (IEC 60068-2-86:2024)
Environmental testing - Part 2-86: Tests -Test Fx: Vibration - Multi-exciter and multi-axis
method (IEC 60068-2-86:2024)
Umgebungseinflüsse – Teil 2-86: Prüfverfahren – Prüfung Fx und Leitfaden: Mehrfach-
Anregung, Multi-Achsen-Schock und Schwingung (IEC 60068-2-86:2024)
Essais d'environnement - Partie 2-86: Essais - Essai fx: Méthode par excitateurs
multiples et axes multiples - Chocs et vibrations - Essais et recommandations (IEC
Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z: EN IEC 60068-2-86:2024
19.040 Preskušanje v zvezi z Environmental testing
2003-01.Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo. Razmnoževanje celote ali delov tega standarda ni dovoljeno.


ICS 19.040
English Version
Environmental testing - Part 2-86: Tests - Test Fx: Vibration -
Multi-exciter and multi-axis method
(IEC 60068-2-86:2024)
Essais d'environnement - Partie 2-86: Essais - Essai Fx: Umgebungseinflüsse - Teil 2-86: Prüfverfahren - Prüfung
Vibrations - Méthode par excitateurs multiples et axes Fx: Vibration - Multi-Erreger- und Mehrachsenverfahren
multiples (IEC 60068-2-86:2024)
(IEC 60068-2-86:2024)
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ISO/IEC 17025 NOTE Approved as EN ISO/IEC 17025
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Publication Year Title EN/HD Year
IEC 60068-1 - Environmental testing - Part 1: General EN 60068-1 -
and guidance
IEC 60068-2-6 - Environmental testing - Part 2-6: Tests - EN 60068-2-6 -
Test Fc: Vibration (sinusoidal)
IEC 60068-2-27 - Environmental testing - Part 2-27: Tests - EN 60068-2-27 -
Test Ea and guidance: Shock
IEC 60068-2-57 - Environmental testing - Part 2-57: Tests - EN 60068-2-57 -
Test Ff: Vibration - Time-history and sine-
beat method
IEC 60068-2-64 - Environmental testing - Part 2-64: Tests - EN 60068-2-64 -
Test Fh: Vibration, broadband random and
IEC 60068-2-80 - Environmental testing - Part 2-80: Tests - EN 60068-2-80 -
Test Fi: Vibration - Mixed mode
IEC 60068-2-85 - Environmental testing - Part 2-85: Tests - EN IEC 60068-2-85 -
Test Fj: Vibration - Long time history
ISO 2041 - Mechanical vibration, shock and condition - -
monitoring - Vocabulary
IEC 60068-2-86 ®
Edition 1.0 2024-02
Environmental testing –
Part 2-86: Tests –Test Fx: Vibration – Multi-exciter and multi-axis method

Essais d'environnement –
Partie 2-86: Essais – Essai Fx: Vibrations – Méthode par excitateurs multiples et

axes multiples
ICS 19.040  ISBN 978-2-8322-8242-7

– 2 – IEC 60068-2-86:2024 © IEC 2024
1 Scope . 6
2 Normative references . 7
3 Terms and definitions . 8
4 Background . 9
4.1 General . 9
4.2 Multi-axis and/or multi-exciter testing to achieve an improved distribution of
dynamic responses . 9
4.3 Multi-exciter testing for large equipment. 10
4.4 Multi-axis testing for reliability growth . 10
4.5 Multi-axis testing to reduce test durations . 10
5 Test apparatus and control strategy . 11
6 Test severities and tolerances . 11
6.1 Test severities . 11
6.2 Tolerances . 11
6.3 Excitations outside the specified test frequency range . 11
6.4 Cross-axis motions . 12
7 Mounting of specimen and installation of measurement systems. 12
8 Precursor testing . 13
9 Vibration response investigation . 13
10 Pre-conditioning . 13
11 Initial measurement and functional performance test . 14
12 Low level excitation for equalisation prior to testing . 14
13 Testing . 14
14 Intermediate measurement and functional performance . 14
15 Recovery . 14
16 Final measurement and functional performance and vibration response
investigation . 15
17 Test verification . 15
18 Information to be specified in the relevant specification . 15
19 Information to be given in the test report. 16
Annex A (informative) Guidance on multi-axis and multi-exciter test control systems . 18
A.1 General . 18
A.2 Multi-exciter control strategies . 18
A.3 Determined and over determined control strategies . 19
A.4 Quantifying the inter-relationship between exciters for vibration testing . 20
A.5 Quantifying the inter-relationship between exciters for time history
replication testing. 21
Annex B (informative) Additional testing guidance . 23
B.1 Fixing, monitor, control and reference points . 23
B.2 Control equalisation . 23
B.3 Cross-axis motion, signal distortion and out of test frequency range
responses . 24
B.4 Precursor testing . 25
B.5 Vibration response investigation . 25

IEC 60068-2-86:2024 © IEC 2024 – 3 –
B.6 Temperature conditioning and stabilization . 25
B.7 Performance evaluation . 26
B.8 Verification of test procedure . 26
Annex C (informative) Guidance on the application of multi-axis / multi-vibrator tests . 28
C.1 General . 28
C.2 Advice on using multi-exciter systems for the testing of large specimens . 28
C.2.1 General . 28
C.2.2 Data measurements . 28
C.2.3 Multi-exciter test fixture . 28
C.2.4 Test control . 29
C.2.5 Testing . 29
C.3 Advice on using multi-axis systems for multi-degree of freedom testing . 29
C.3.1 General . 29
C.3.2 Data measurements . 30
C.3.3 Multi-exciter test fixture . 30
C.3.4 Test control . 30
C.3.5 Testing .

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