High-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 109: Alternating-current series capacitor by-pass switches

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Hochspannungs-Schaltgeräte und -Schaltanlagen - Teil 109: Wechselstrom-Überbrückungsschalter für Reihenkondensatoren

Appareillage à haute tension - Partie 109: Interrupteurs de contournement pour condensateurs série à courant alternatif

Visokonapetostne stikalne in krmilne naprave - 109. del: Stikala z zaporednimi kondenzatorji na izmenični tok (IEC 62271-109:2008/A1:2013)

Ta del standarda IEC 62271 velja za obvodna stikala z zaporednimi kondenzatorji na izmenični tok, zasnovana za namestitev na prostem ter delovanje pri frekvencah 50 in 60 Hz v sistemih z napetostmi nad 52 kV. Velja samo za obvodna stikala, ki se uporabljajo v trifaznih sistemih. Ta standard se uporablja tudi za upravljalne naprave za obvodna stikala in njihovo pomožno opremo.

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SIST EN 62271-109:2009/A1:2013

High-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 109: Alternating-current series capacitor

by-pass switches (IEC 62271-109:2008/A1:2013)
Hochspannungs-Schaltgeräte und -Schaltanlagen - Teil 109: Wechselstrom-
Überbrückungsschalter für Reihenkondensatoren (IEC 62271-109:2008/A1:2013)
Appareillage à haute tension - Partie 109: Interrupteurs de contournement pour
condensateurs série à courant alternatif (CEI 62271-109:2008/A1:2013)
Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z: EN 62271-109:2009/A1:2013
29.130.10 Visokonapetostne stikalne in High voltage switchgear and
krmilne naprave controlgear
SIST EN 62271-109:2009/A1:2013 en

2003-01.Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo. Razmnoževanje celote ali delov tega standarda ni dovoljeno.

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SIST EN 62271-109:2009/A1:2013
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SIST EN 62271-109:2009/A1:2013
EN 62271-109/A1
August 2013
ICS 29.130.10
English version
High-voltage switchgear and controlgear -
Part 109: Alternating-current series capacitor by-pass switches
(IEC 62271-109:2008/A1:2013)
Appareillage à haute tension - Hochspannungs-Schaltgeräte und -
Partie 109: Interrupteurs de Schaltanlagen -
contournement pour condensateurs série Teil 109: Wechselstrom-
à courant alternatif Überbrückungsschalter für
(CEI 62271-109:2008/A1:2013) Reihenkondensatoren
(IEC 62271-109:2008/A1:2013)

This amendment A1 modifies the European Standard EN 62271-109:2009; it was approved by CENELEC on

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Ref. No. EN 62271-109:2009/A1:2013 E
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SIST EN 62271-109:2009/A1:2013
EN 62271-109:2009/A1:2013 - 2 -

The text of document 17A/1038/FDIS, future IEC 62271-109:2008/A1, prepared by SC 17A, "High-

voltage switchgear and controlgear", of IEC TC 17, "Switchgear and controlgear" was submitted to the

IEC-CENELEC parallel vote and approved by CENELEC as EN 62271-109:2009/A1:2013.
The following dates are fixed:
• latest date by which the document has (dop) 2014-04-02
to be implemented at national level by
publication of an identical national
standard or by endorsement
(dow) 2016-07-02
• latest date by which the national
standards conflicting with the
document have to be withdrawn

Attention is drawn to the possibility that some of the elements of this document may be the subject of

patent rights. CENELEC [and/or CEN] shall not be held responsible for identifying any or all such patent

Endorsement notice

The text of the International Standard IEC 62271-109:2008/A1:2013 was approved by CENELEC as a

European Standard without any modification.
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SIST EN 62271-109:2009/A1:2013
- 3 - EN 62271-109:2009/A1:2013
Annex ZB

A-deviation: National deviation due to regulations, the alteration of which is for the time being outside the

competence of the CENELEC national member.
This European Standard does not fall under any Directive of the EU.

In the relevant CENELEC countries these A-deviations are valid instead of the provisions of the European

Standard until they have been removed.
Clause Deviation
1.1 Italy
(I.S.P.E.S.L. (*) Rules, 95 revision: VSR.8.B.1; VSR.8.B.2; M.15.D.2 to .4.)

For high-voltage alternating current circuit-breakers containing gas-filled compartments,

the design pressure is limited to a maximum of 0,5 bar (gauge) and the volume is limited

to a maximum of 2 m . Gas filled compartments having a design pressure exceeding
0,5 bar (gauge) or a volume exceeding 2 m shall be designed according to Italian
pressure vessel code for electrical switchgear (DM1 December 1980 and DM 10
ber 1981 published on Gazzetta Ufficiale n°285 dated 16.10.1981). This

requirement is not applicable for gas filled compartments having a design pressure

exceeding 0,5 bar (gauge) but a volume not exceeding 25 dm . Italian laws apply to gas

pressurised enclosures made of both insulating and metallic materials with a capacity of

25 litres or above, a design pressure higher than 0,05 kg/cm and a temperature range:

-25 °C/+100 °C (only for insulating materials). Moreover, the manufacturer of any

electrical equipment which comprehends gas pressurised enclosures shall submit the

design of the pressurised enclosures itself to a proper legal Authority indicating the

stresses and the loads which have any influence on the design itself. For each of the

stresses the manufacturer shall indicate the design values and the relevant computations.

Only the use of porcelain type A or S (Aluminous or Siliceous) is permitted.

(*) I.S.P.E.S.L.: Istituto Superiore per la Prevenzione e la Sicurezza del Lavoro.

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SIST EN 62271-109:2009/A1:2013
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SIST EN 62271-109:2009/A1:2013
IEC 62271-109
Edition 2.0 2013-05
High-voltage switchgear and controlgear –
Part 109: Alternating-current series capacitor by-pass switches
Appareillage à haute tension –
Partie 109: Interrupteurs de contournement pour condensateurs série à courant
ICS 29.130.10 ISBN 978-2-83220-826-7

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SIST EN 62271-109:2009/A1:2013
– 2 – 62271-109 Amend.1 © IEC:2013

This amendment has been prepared by subcommittee 17A: High-voltage switchgear and

controlgear, of IEC technical committee 17: Switchgear and controlgear.
The text of this amendment is based on the following documents:
FDIS Report on voting
17A/1038/FDIS 17A/1043/RVD

Full information on the voting for the approval of this amendment can be found in the report

on voting indicated in the above table.

The committee has decided that the contents of this amendment and the base publication will

remain unchanged until the stability date indicated on the IEC web site under
"http://webstore.iec.ch" in the da

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