Medical device software - Software life-cycle processes

Defines the life cycle requirements for medical device software. The set of processes, activities, and tasks described in this standard establishes a common framework for medical device software life cycle processes. Applies to the development and maintenance of medical device software when software is itself a medical device or when software is an embedded or integral part of the final medical device. This standard does not cover validation and final release of the medical device, even when the medical device consists entirely of software.

Medizingeräte-Software - Software-Lebenszyklus-Prozesse

Logiciels de dispositifs médicaux - Processus du cycle de vie du logiciel

Définit les exigences du cycle de vie des logiciels de dispositifs médicaux. L'ensemble des processus, activités et tâches décrit dans la présente norme constitue un cadre commun pour les processus du cycle de vie des logiciels de dispositifs médicaux. S'applique au développement et à la maintenance des logiciels de dispositifs médicaux lorsque le logiciel est un dispositif médical ou lorsque le logiciel est incorporé ou fait partie intégrante du dispositif médical final. La présente norme ne couvre pas la validation et la mise sur le marché du dispositif médical, même lorsque le dispositif médical est intégralement constitué du logiciel.

Programska oprema za medicinske aparate – Procesi v življenjskem ciklu programske opreme (IEC 62304:2006)

Ta standard določa zahteve glede življenjskega cikla programske opreme za medicinske aparate. Nabor procesov, dejavnosti in opravil, opisanih v tem standardu, tvori skupno ogrodje za procese v življenjskem ciklu programske opreme za medicinske aparate. Ta standard se uporablja za razvoj in vzdrževanje programske opreme za medicinske aparate. Ta standard se lahko uporablja, kadar je programska oprema sama po sebi medicinskiaparat ali je vgrajen/sestavni del končne medicinskega aparata.

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oct 2006
Programska oprema za medicinske aparate – Procesi v življenjskem ciklu
programske opreme (IEC 62304:2006)
Medical device software - Software life-cycle processes (IEC 62304:2006)
ICS 13.020.60; 35.240.80 Referenčna številka
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EN 62304
July 2006
ICS 11.040
English version
Medical device software -
Software life-cycle processes
(IEC 62304:2006)
Logiciels de dispositifs médicaux - Medizingeräte-Software -
Processus du cycle de vie du logiciel Software-Lebenszyklus-Prozesse
(CEI 62304:2006) (IEC 62304:2006)

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Ref. No. EN 62304:2006 E
The text of document 62A/523/FDIS, future edition 1 of IEC 62304, prepared by a joint working group of
SC 62A, Common aspects of electrical equipment used in medical practice, of IEC technical committee
62, Electrical equipment in medical practice, and ISO Technical Committee 210, Quality management
and corresponding general aspects for medical devices, was submitted to the IEC-CENELEC parallel
vote and was approved by CENELEC as EN 62304 on 2006-06-01.
The following dates were fixed:
– latest date by which the EN has to be implemented
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An asterisk (*) as the first character of a title or at the beginning of a paragraph indicates that there is
guidance related to that item in Annex B.
Table C.5 was prepared by ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 7, Software and system engineering.
Annex ZA has been added by CENELEC.
Endorsement notice
The text of the International Standard IEC 62304:2006 was approved by CENELEC as a European
Standard without any modification.
In the official version, for Bibliography, the following notes have to be added for the standards indicated:
IEC 60601-1-4 + A1 NOTE  Harmonized as EN 60601-1-4:1996 + A1:1999 (not modified).
IEC 61508-3 NOTE  Harmonized as EN 61508-3:2001 (not modified).
IEC 61010-1 NOTE  Harmonized as EN 61010-1:2001 (not modified).
ISO 9000 NOTE  Harmonized as EN ISO 9000:2005 (not modified).
ISO 9001 NOTE  Harmonized as EN ISO 9001:2000 (not modified).
ISO 13485 NOTE  Harmonized as EN ISO 13485:2003 (not modified).
IEC 60601-1-6 NOTE  Harmonized as EN 60601-1-6:2004 (not modified).
- 3 - EN 62304:2006
Annex ZA
Normative references to international publications
with their corresponding European publications

The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated
references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced
document (including any amendments) applies.

NOTE  When an international publication has been modified by common modifications, indicated by (mod), the relevant EN/HD
Publication Year Title EN/HD Year

1) 2)
ISO 14971 - Medical devices - Application of risk EN ISO 14971 2000
management to medical devices
Undated reference.
Valid edition at date of issue.

IEC 62304
Edition 1.0 2006-05
Medical device software – Software life cycle processes

Logiciels de dispositifs médicaux – Processus du cycle de vie du logiciel

ICS 11.040 ISBN 2-8318-8637-6
– 2 – 62304 © IEC:2006
62304  IEC:2006 – 3 –

1 Scope.9
1.1 * Purpose .9
1.2 * Field of application .9
1.3 Relationship to other standards.9
1.4 Compliance .9
2 * Normative references .10
3 * Terms and definitions .10
4 * General requirements.14
4.1 * Quality management system.14
4.3 * Software safety classification.15
5 Software development PROCESS .16
5.1 * Software development planning .16
5.2 * Software requirements analysis .18
5.3 * Software ARCHITECTURAL design .20
5.4 * Software detailed design .21
5.5 * SOFTWARE UNIT implementation and verification.21
5.6 * Software integration and integration testing .22
5.7 * SOFTWARE SYSTEM testing.24
5.8 * Software release .25
6 Software maintenance PROCESS .26
6.1 * Establish software maintenance plan .26
6.2 * Problem and modification analysis.26
6.3 * Modification implementation .27
7.1 * Analysis of software contributing to hazardous situations .28
7.2 RISK CONTROL measures .29
7.4 RISK MANAGEMENT of software changes .30
8 * Software configuration management PROCESS.30
8.1 * Configuration identification .30
8.2 * Change control.31
8.3 * Configuration status accounting.31
9 * Software problem resolution PROCESS.31
9.1 Prepare PROBLEM REPORTS.31
9.2 Investigate the problem.32
9.3 Advise relevant parties .32
9.4 Use change control process.32
9.5 Maintain records .32
9.6 Analyse problems for trends .32
9.7 Verify software problem resolution .33
9.8 Test documentation contents .33

62304 © IEC:2006 – 3 –
62304  IEC:2006 – 5 –
Annex A (informative) Rationale for the requirements of this standard.34
Annex B (informative) Guidance on the provisions of this standard .37
Annex C (informative) Relationship to other standards.53
Annex D (informative) Implementation .74

Bibliography .

Index of defined terms.77

Figure 1 – Overview of software development PROCESSES and ACTIVITIES.7
Figure 2 – Overview of software maintenance PROCESSES and ACTIVITIES.7
Figure B.1 – Example of partitioning of SOFTWARE ITEMS .42
Figure C.1 – Relationship of key MEDICAL DEVICE standards to IEC 62304 .54
Figure C.2 – Software as part of the V-model .56
Figure C.3 – Application of IEC 62304 with IEC 61010-1.66

Table A.1 – Summary of requirements by software safety class .36
Table B.1 – Development (model) strategies as defined at ISO/IEC 12207.38
Table C.1 – Relationship to ISO 13485:2003 .54
Table C.2 – Relationship to ISO 14971:2000 .55
Table C.3 – Relationship to IEC 60601-1 .58
Table C.4 – Relationship to IEC 60601-1-4 .62
Table C.5 – Relationship to ISO/IEC 12207 .68
Table D.1 – Checklist for small companies without a certified QMS.75

– 4 – 62304 © IEC:2006
62304  IEC:2006 – 7 –
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agreement between the two organizations.
2) The formal decisions or agreements of

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