Processed cheese products — Calculation of content of added phosphate expressed as phosphorus

ISO/TS 18083|IDF/RM 51:2013 specifies the calculation of the approximate content of phosphorus from added phosphate salts and phosphorus containing pH-regulating agents in processed cheese products. The method is applicable to processed cheese products derived mainly from cheese varieties with a P/N ratio of 0,12 ± 0,02 and containing no ingredients in quantities substantially affecting the P/N ratio of the cheese raw material.

Fromage fondus et produits dérivés — Calcul de la teneur (exprimée en phosphore) en phosphate ajouté

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Technical specification
ISO/TS 18083:2013 - Processed cheese products -- Calculation of content of added phosphate expressed as phosphorus
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Technical specification
ISO/TS 18083:2013
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First edition
Processed cheese products —
Calculation of content of added
phosphate expressed as phosphorus
Fromage fondus et produits dérivés — Calcul de la teneur (exprimée
en phosphore) en phosphate ajouté
Reference numbers
ISO/TS 18083:2013(E)
IDF/RM 51:2013(E)
ISO and IDF 2013

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ISO/TS 18083:2013(E)
IDF/RM 51:2013(E)
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IDF/RM 51:2013(E)
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Первое издание

Продукты из плавленого сыра. Расчет
содержания добавленного фосфата,
выраженного в виде фосфора
Processed cheese products – Calculation of content of added
phosphate expressed as phosphorus

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ISO/TS 18083:2013(R)
IDF/RM 51:2013(R)
ISO и IDF 2013

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ISO/TS 18083:2013(R)
IDF/RM 51:2013(R)


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IDF/RM 51:2013(R)
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