This Technical Specification establishes the general elements of a business support service of appropriate quality. The service should be tailored to the expectations of enterprises.
This Technical Specification specifies requirements on the business support service providers, as well as guidelines for enterprises, including self-employed persons. It focuses on the process of service provision rather than the nature or content of the service. It is not concerned with the internal organisation of either service providers or enterprises.
This Technical Specification can serve as a common reference for both enterprises and support service providers.
On the one hand, for service providers, it is intended to be:
   a reference tool for how to structure the services provided;
   a guideline for providing a service corresponding to actual needs and expectations;
   a guideline for improving the quality of the service.
It clarifies the type of information exchanged between service provider and service receiver, i.e. the enterprise.
On the other hand, it is intended to help the managers to detect and specify the needs of their enterprises and to get a suitable service by:
   expressing the needs of the enterprise;
   interacting with the service provider;
   choosing or seeking guidance on a suitable service provider;
   evaluating the service received in line with documented requirements and expectations.
This Technical Specification also contains some more detailed advice on drawing up contracts and placing orders. It is intended to be a practical tool for enterprises to choose and evaluate their support service providers.
This Technical Specification concerns all types of business support services, irrespective of the domain in question (commercial, financial, training, IT, legal, marketing, organisational, technical, general assistance, etc.), with the exception of facilities management described in EN 15221 1 and EN 15221 2 (see note).

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