This document specifies the minimum requirements for the provision of secure remote services via a remote access infrastructure (RAI) carried out either at site or off-site (e.g. via IP connections) to the following systems:
a)   fire safety systems including, but not limited to, fire detection and fire alarm systems, fixed firefighting systems, smoke and heat control systems;
b)   security systems including, but not limited to, intruder and hold-up alarm systems, electronic access control systems, external perimeter security systems and video surveillance systems;
c)   social alarm systems;
d)   emergency sound systems;
e)   a combination of such systems;
f)   management systems connected to systems a) – e).
This document does not cover:
a)   at site services without using remote connection;
b)   the monitoring and alarm receiving services by the MARC, which are described in the EN 50518.

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