IEC TR 61340-5-5:2018(E) discusses packaging material requirements for electrostatic discharge sensitive items (ESDS) as well as non–ESDS which can apply to packaging materials such as embossed carrier tape, trays, tubes (stick magazines), rails and others used in back end line processing and parts handling where test methods described in other standards are, for the most part, inadequate. Issues related to electrostatic charge generation, electrostatic attraction and repulsion are included. The recommendations and discussions within this document can also be applicable to other types of packaging that cannot be evaluated by other means.
This document discusses the issues related to
1) technical considerations for packaging material selection and packaging system design,
2) packaging material specifications for electrostatic control,
3) existing test methods and their limitations for packaging materials,
4) suggestions for the evaluation of small dimension packaging materials, and
5) industry common practices.

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