IEC 63086-1:2020 applies to electrically powered household and similar air cleaners intended for use on rated single-phase AC input voltage circuits not exceeding 250 V and DC input voltage circuits not exceeding 48 V.
If the test methods in this document are applied to combination products (air conditioners, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, heaters, etc.) with air cleaning function, they are only aimed at their air cleaning function when tested.
Battery-operated appliances are within the scope of this document. Dual-supply appliances, either mains-supplied or battery-operated, are regarded as battery-operated appliances when operated in the battery mode.
This document is not applicable to:
- appliances intended exclusively for industrial purposes;
- appliances intended for use in medical treatment locations, such as surgical suites, laboratories, medical treatments rooms, etc.
- household range hoods or cooking fume extractors – see IEC 61591.
This first edition cancels and replaces IEC PAS 62587 published in 2008.

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IEC PAS 63086-3-1:2023 specifies a method to evaluate the capability of portable household air cleaners to reduce the concentration and viability of key experimentally generated bioaerosols in a specified chamber.
Indoor air free of harmful microbes is important to the health of occupants. This is particularly relevant with regard to increased time spent indoors.
Air cleaners are used to reduce the concentrations of microorganisms in indoor air.
The efficiency of such air cleaners to reduce airborne microorganisms can be assessed in test chambers at controlled air temperature and relative air humidity.
The test is applicable to portable air cleaners commonly used in single room spaces such as those based on mechanical filtration, ultraviolet (UV), ionizers, photocatalytic oxidation, and ozone generators in-unit technology.
If the air cleaner does not claim to have the function of reducing microorganisms, this document may not be applicable unless it is being used to simply evaluate the performance.
This document deals with measurement procedures regarding the reduction of the microbial contamination related to electrical air cleaner appliances for household and similar use.
This document does not apply to appliances intended to be used in medical, veterinary, or pharmaceutical applications.
This document does not address sanitization, disinfection, or sterilization measures.
This document does not support, by itself any health-related claims or conclusions about prevention or treatment of a disease or health improvement.

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