Packaging - Flexible cylindrical plastic tubes - Dimensions and tolerances

This document specifies the diameter, length, wall thickness and shoulder geometry of flexible cylindrical plastic tubes.
It is applicable to tubes used for packing pharmaceutical, cosmetic, hygiene, food and other domestic and industrial products.

Packmittel - Zylindrische Kunststofftuben - Maße und Grenzabmaße

Dieses Dokument legt die Durchmesser, Längen, Manteldicken und Schultergeometrie zylindrischer Kunststofftuben fest.
Es ist für Tuben zum Verpacken von Produkten der Pharmazie, der Kosmetik, der Hygiene sowie von Lebensmitteln und anderen Haushalts- und Industrieprodukten anzuwenden.

Emballage - Tubes cylindriques souples en matériau plastique - Dimensions et tolérances

Le présent document spécifie le diamètre, la longueur, l’épaisseur de paroi et la géométrie des épaulements des tubes cylindriques souples en matériau plastique.
Il est applicable aux tubes utilisés pour emballer des produits pharmaceutiques, cosmétiques, alimentaires, des produits d’hygiène et autres produits à usage domestique et industriel.

Embalaža - Prožne valjaste plastične tube - Mere in odstopanja

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SIST EN 13045:2022
SIST EN 13045:2009
Embalaža - Prožne valjaste plastične tube - Mere in odstopanja
Packaging - Flexible cylindrical plastic tubes - Dimensions and tolerances
Packmittel - Zylindrische Kunststofftuben - Maße und Grenzabmaße
Emballage - Tubes souples cylindriques plastique - Dimensions et tolérances
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55.120 Pločevinke. Tube Cans. Tins. Tubes
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SIST EN 13045:2022

EN 13045


August 2022
ICS 55.120 Supersedes EN 13045:2009
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Packaging - Flexible cylindrical plastic tubes - Dimensions
and tolerances
Emballage - Tubes cylindriques souples en matériau Packmittel - Zylindrische Kunststofftuben - Maße und
plastique - Dimensions et tolérances Grenzabmaße
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SIST EN 13045:2022
EN 13045:2022 (E)
European foreword
This document (EN 13045:2022) has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 261 “Packaging”,
the secretariat of which is held by AFNOR.
This European Standard shall be given the status of a national standard, either by publication of an
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Attention is drawn to the possibility that some of the elements of this document may be the subject of
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This document supersedes EN 13045:2009.
This document has been prepared under a Standardization Request given to CEN by the European
Commission and the European Free Trade Association.
In comparison with the previous edition, the following technical modifications have been made:
— in Table 1, the length l has been modified for the nominal diameter D: 25 mm, 40 mm and 50 mm;
— in Clause 4, it has been specified that dimensions and tolerances are valid for standard materials with
or without barrier layers.
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