Starch - Determination of ash (ISO 3593:1981)

Incineration of a test portion at a temperature of 900 °C, until complete disappearance of the carbon in the residue. The method specifies a procedure for the evaluation of natural and added mineral substances together. It applies to contents up to 2 %. It does not apply to hydrolysis products nor to oxidized starches, nor to other products containing more than 0,2 % of chloride. In other cases, see ISO 5809.

Stärke - Bestimmung der Asche (ISO 3593:1981)

Diese Internationale Norm legt ein Verfahren zur Bestimmung der Asche in Stärke fest. Das Verfahren ist bei nativen und modifizierten Stärken anwendbar, die nicht mehr als 2% Asche ergeben. Das Verfahren ist nicht anwendbar bei Hydrolysenprodukten, oxididierten Stärken und anderen Produkten, die mehr als 0,2% Chlorid, angegeben als Natriumchlorid, enthalten. In diesen Fällen ist das in ISO 5809 festgelegte Verfahren anzuwenden.

Amidons et fécules - Détermination des cendres (ISO 3593:1981)

La présente Norme internationale spécifie une méthode de détermination des cendres produites par les amidons et fécules. La méthode est applicable aux amidons et fécules natifs, ainsi qu'aux amidons et fécules transformés ne produisant pas plus de 2 % de cendres. Elle ne s'applique ni aux produits d'hydrolyse, ni aux amidons et fécules oxydés, ni aux produits contenant plus de 0,2 % de chlorure exprimé en chlorure de sodium. Dans les autres cas, utiliser la méthode spécifiée dans l'ISO 5809.1)

Škrob - Določevanje pepela (ISO 3593:1981)

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SIST EN ISO 3593:1998
Starch - Determination of ash (ISO 3593:1981)
Stärke - Bestimmung der Asche (ISO 3593:1981)
Amidons et fécules - Détermination des cendres (ISO 3593:1981)
Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z: EN ISO 3593:1994
67.180.20 Škrob in izdelki iz njega Starch and derived products
SIST EN ISO 3593:1998 en
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SIST EN ISO 3593:1998

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SIST EN ISO 3593:1998

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SIST EN ISO 3593:1998

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SIST EN ISO 3593:1998
International Standard 3593
Starch - Determination of ash
Amidons et fhcules - Dhtermina tion des cendres
Second edition - 1981-10-01
UDC 664.2 : 543.822
Ref. No. ISO35934981 (EI
Descriptors : starch, determination of ash.
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SIST EN ISO 3593:1998
ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) is a worldwide federation of
national Standards institutes (ISO member bodies). The work of developing Inter-
national Standards is carried out through ISO technical committees. Every member
body interested in a subject for which a technical committee has been set up has the
right to be represented on that committee. International organizations, governmental
and non-governmental, in liaison with ISO, also take part in the work.
Draft International Standards adopted by the technical committees are circulated to
the member bodies for approval before their acceptance as International Standards by
the ISO Council.
International Standard ISO 3593 was developed by Technical Committee ISO/TC 93,
Starch (including derivatives and b y-produc ts).
This second edition was submitted directly to the ISO Council, in accordance with
clause 5.10.1 of part 1 of the Directives for the technical work of ISO. lt cancels and
replaces the first edition (i.e. ISO 3593-1976), which had been approved by the
member bodies of the following countries :
Chile Netherlands United Kingdom
Czec hoslova kia Poland USSR
Y ugoslavia
France Romania
Germany, F. R.
Iran Turkey
The member bodies of the following countries had expressed disapproval of the docu-
ment on technical grounds :
0 International Organkation for Standardkation, 1981
Printed in Switzerland

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SIST EN ISO 3593:1998
ISO 3593-1981 (E)
Determination of ash
Starch -
0 Introduction 5 Apparatus
Native starches contain naturally small amounts of mineral Ordinary laboratory apparatus, and in particular :
substances. Converted starches may additionally contain
variable amounts of added mineral substances.
5.1 Ashing dishes, of platinum or of any other material
unaffected under the test conditions, with a flat base, a capac-
This International Standard specifies a procedure for the con-
ity of about 40 ml and a minimum usable surface area of
ventional evaluation of both of these amounts together.
15 cm*.
5.2 Desiccator, provided with a thick perforated rnetal
1 Scope and field of application
plate, and containing an efficient desiccant such as
phosphorus(V) Oxide, silica gel impregnated with Cobalt
This International Standard specifies a method for the deter-
chloride indicator, or granular anhydrous Calcium sulphate
mination of the ash yielded by starches.
similarly treated.
The method is applicable to native starches and to modified
starches yielding not more than 2 % of ash. lt does not apply to
5.3 Electric furnace with Ventilation, including a device
hydrolysis products nor to oxidized starches, nor to other
for control and adjustment of temperature to provide for in-
products containing more than 0,2 % of chloride expressed as
cineration at a temperature of 900 + 25 OC.
sodium chloride. In the other cases, use the method specified
in ISO 5809.1)
5.4 Analytical balance.
2 Reference 5.5 Electric hot-plate or bunsen burner.
ISO 1666, Starch - Determination o f moisture con tent -
Oven-drying methods.
6 Procedure
3 Definition
6.1 Preparation of the dish
For the purpose of this International Standard, the following
Clean the ashing dish (5.11, whether new or used, for example
definition applies :
with boiling dilute hydrochloric acid, and rinse copiously with
tap water and then with distilled water.
ash : The residue obtained after incineration of the product
under the conditions specified in this International Standard.
Place the dish in the furnace (5.3)

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