Laboratory d.c. resistors

Definitions; classification; limits of intrinsic errors: permissible variations; further requirements; markings; symbols.


Résistances de laboratoire à courant continu

Limites de l'erreur intrinsèque; conditions pour la détermination des valeurs intrinsèques; variations admissibles; prescriptions diverses; marquage; symboles.

Laboratorijski upori za enosmerni tok (IEC 60477:1974)

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2003-01.Slovenski inštitut za standardizacijo. Razmnoževanje celote ali delov tega standarda ni dovoljeno.Laboratorijski upori za enosmerni tok (IEC 60477:1974)Gleichstrom-MeßwiderständeRésistances de laboratoire à courant continuLaboratory d.c. resistors17.220.20Measurement of electrical and magnetic quantitiesICS:Ta slovenski standard je istoveten z:EN 60477:1997SIST EN 60477:2000en01-september-2000SIST EN 60477:2000SLOVENSKI

SIST EN 60477:2000

SIST EN 60477:2000

SIST EN 60477:2000

NORMEINTERNATIONALEINTERNATIONALSTAN DARDCEIIEC60477Première éditionFirst edition1974-01Résistances de laboratoire à courant continuLaboratory d.c. resistors© IEC 1974 Droits de reproduction réservés — Copyright - all rights reservedAucune partie de cette publication ne peut être reproduite niutilisée sous quelque forme que ce soit et par aucunprocédé, électronique ou mécanique, y compris la photo-copie et les microfilms, sans raccord écrit de l'éditeur.No part of this publication may be reproduced or utilized inany form or by any means, electronic or mechanical,including photocopying and microfilm, without permission inwriting from the publisher.International Electrotechnical Commission3, rue de Varembé Geneva, SwitzerlandTelefax: +41 22 919 0300e-mail: inmail@iec.chIEC web site http: //www.iec.chCommission Electrotechnique InternationaleInternational Electrotechnical CommissionMewayHapogHaH 3neKTpoTexHN4ecnaa HOMHCCHfI•CODE PRIXPRICE CODEPour prix, voir catalogue en vigueurFor price, see current catalogueIEC•NSIST EN 60477:2000

— 3 —CONTENTSPageFOREWORD 5PREFACE 5Clause1.Scope 72.Definitions72.1 General terms 72.2 Characteristic values 92.3 Influence quantities, reference conditions, nominal range of use 92.4 Errors and variations 112.5 Accuracy, accuracy class, class index 113.Classification 114.Limits of intrinsic error 135.Conditions for the determination of intrinsic errors 156.Permissible variations 156.1 Limits of variation 156.2 Conditions for the determination of the variations 176.3 Influence of self-heating (power dissipation) 176.4 Influence of position 197.Further electrical and mechanical requirements 197.1 Voltage tests and other safety requirements 197.2 Insulation resistance 197.3 Conditions of transport, storage and use 197.4 Point of connection 197.5 Provision of temperature measuring facilities 198.Markings and symbols 21APPENDIXAl — Thermoelectric effects 27A2 — Reference range and nominal range of use 27A3 — Example of marking for a single resistor 29A4 — Example of marking for a five-decade resistor 29SIST EN 60477:2000

— 5 —INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSIONLABORATORY D.C. RESISTORSFOREWORD1)The formal decisions or agreements of the I EC on technical matters, prepared by Technical Committees on which all the NationalCommittees having a special interest therein are represented, express, as nearly as possible, an international consensus of opinionon the subjects dealt with.2)They have the form of recommendations for international use and they are accepted by the National Committees in that sense.3)In order to promote international unification, the IEC expresses the wish that all National Committees should adopt the text ofthe IEC recommendation for their national rules in so far as national conditions will permit. Any divergence between the IECrecommendations and the corresponding national rules should, as far as possible, be clearly indicated in the latter.PREFACEThis recommendation has been prepared by Sub-Committee 13B, Indicating Instruments, of I EC TechnicalCommittee No. 13, Measuring Instruments.Drafts were discussed at the meetings held in Budapest in 1970 and in Stresa in 1971. As a result of this lattermeeting, a final draft, document 13B(Central Office)38, was submitted to the National Committees for approvalunder the Six Months' Rule in October 1972.The following countries voted explicitly in favour of publication:ArgentinaHungaryAustraliaIsraelAustriaJapanBelgiumPortugalCanadaSouth AfricaDenmark(Republic of)EgyptSwedenFinlandTurkeyFranceUnited KingdomGermanyYugoslaviaSIST EN 60477:2000

— 7 --LABORATORY D.C. RESISTORS1. Scope1.1 This recommendation applies to resistors intended for use as laboratory d.c. resistors (hereinafter referred toas "resistors") comprising single or multiple resistors of accuracy Classes 0.0005 . 0.2 (5 ppM . 2000 ppM)and single or multi-decade resistors of accuracy Classes 0.0005 . 5 (5 ppM . 50 000 ppM).1.2 This recommendation does not apply to:—resistors which are intended for use solely as permanent mounted circuit components,—resistors used on alternating current or on pulsed currents,—series resistors and shunts which are considered as accessories of electrical measuring instruments in therelevant IEC publications.Note. — Examples are the following publications:Publication 51: Recommendations for Direct Acting Indicating Electrical Measuring Instruments and Their Accessories.Publication 258: Direct Recording Electrica

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